Thursday, November 18, 2010

Audio Technica Ear Phones

Today I decided to start working on a piece I stopped working on a while back and so here I was glueing away the slivers of beautiful hand made Thai paper, listening to great music on my new Audio Technica earphones I bought in Tokyo, getting into the groove of things or so I thought... Glue usually gets everywhere so when I had this little smudge on my sleeve I was not fussed (although I looked for where it was coming from I could not find the source), I kept going with glueing, another sticky smudge, !!! grrrrr !!!, where the F*** is it coming from!?, oh well, next squeeeeze; gloop-di-daaaa!!!!!!!!  All down my hand, arm, on my sleeves, on the new ear phone cable STICKY MESS!!!!!!!  Great, just great.  Even so I don't give a rats ass until I am finished pasting all the pieces in place; then when things have started drying a little I go washing up the mess, everywhere, peeling and balling pieces of freakin' glue.  

So do you ever get your new gadgets mucked up in whatever you are doing?  I am not surprised; this is so typically me.  But hey, my new ear phones are still like new; the glue cleaned up fine.

I woke up at 4am this morning, jet lag, oh but life keeps going:)

Smile, GRIN.

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