Friday, February 11, 2011

Being Me

Good evening.  I think I have many things on my mind; this is why I am still painting and up at 12:15 am (usually it is later but tonight I actually planned to go to sleep earlier).  

Here is the newest piece I did recently

Move Through Space
Acrylic paint on braced birch wood
24in x 48in x 1.2in

Please go to my website to see updates:)

The other day I surprised myself as I was brushing my teeth... I was not only brushing my teeth but trying to pluck my stray eye brow hairs, kick the ball for Clover (Cairn Terrier), and talk all at the same time.  I know I am a multitask-er but catching myself in the reflection I thought 'that's a bit messed up!'  I had to laugh.  

As I am painting I try not to get distracted (I don't like to be disturbed when I am painting), but once I start waiting for the paint to dry, oh gosh, then I am off doing the laundry, kicking the ball for Clover, reading, typing, drawing, sewing, and who knows what else.  Yes it's an illness and I'm seeking help, LOL!!!  

I hate the cold, I resent the weather here, it does no good for anyone/dog/thing.  I need to move; and I know I have been saying that for a long time now but this is becoming more of a serious matter as this environment is no good for creative development, furthering my career, inspiration, peace, calm, quiet, well being and healthy life style.  So where to?  The biggest challenge; the west coast for sure as I need to be next to the ocean, but then in Canada as I am not a US citizen, nor do I have any company backing me up, and I am not a student... but above the Canada/US border it's cold so I am f***ed.  

Relationship issues; YES.  I wont go into that right now.  

'Stay in the moment, M', breathe, what do I need, to sleep as my sleepy meds are kicking in.  

Okay, so good night.  I have some good news to post later on too:)

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