Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inaugural Solo Art Exhibit and Opening: BEING: April 5, Downtown Toronto.

The date is getting close to my solo exhibit and opening!  All details can be viewed here:

Things are getting crazy busy as it gets closer to the date, that's just the way it works.  Reminds me of dress rehearsals before a ballet performance, everything is crazy, needs fixing, tweaking, and doing.  The show must go on.


With press releases and media kits sent off this week, post cards and many envelopes written and licked, lists of art pieces, finishing touches, doing the foot work to get the post cards and posters out around the city, going through all the aspects in my mind over and over again, knowing I still need to film a video, wire, get fine art prints... 
I look like hell, my tongue is parched with after tastes of envelope glue, my fingers are numb, lists overflowing out of my ears, feet never fast enough, cuts and scrapes, brain operating at maximum, butterflies in my stomach with anticipation/nerves/so much to think about.  
Who the heck decided to be a part of the art on the opening evening wearing a latex outfit?  Me.  Who needs shoes to go with the outfit?  Me.  Forget hair and make up, when will I have the time to shave or paint my toe nails?  I have no clue!  Maybe I will turn up bare  footed, who knows?  The situations I place myself... but I believe in what I do, represent, and am, love learning every step of the way, working with capable and genuine individuals, sharing my story with others, experiencing a life full of depth and meaning, with purpose and passion. So all the above business is all worthwhile and is never too much to handle/all taken in perspective.

I am doing what I love, it is honest and it is right.  As I sit here to take a breather writing this blog I am extremely grateful, satisfied and proud.  

I've got a goofy streak, and laughter essential, so we'll just go on this journey together.

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated:)  





  1. Excellent Blog spot I wish you every success you are a wonderful person who delivers sunshine and beauty poise and personality good luck regards Hiyer 05 (Trev)

  2. Love your your cute to!