Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ONE NIGHT STAND EVENT, Hincks Dellcrest Foundation, May 24 Evening

I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer!  
Tomorrow evening Hincks-Dellcrest Foundation will be having an amazing event at the Steam Whistle Brewery called ONE NIGHT STAND: Take a stand for children's mental health.  Information as follows and tickets can be bought online or at the door, or you can email me to let me know you are interested.  

Link to their website, for tickets and information: 

I also need to add as I know many of my acquaintances and friends who are in the creative field and others can't afford art supplies, let alone tickets for an event, but...
a) this is a cause dear to my heart and I will keep on supporting mental illness awareness regardless,
b) this is 'the' event to be at for young successful professionals in Toronto, so if you want to connect and network, enjoy amazing music, drinks, finger foods as well as prizes, and stay current, it may be worth the price of the ticket.  You never know who you might meet or what may come of these opportunities so have a think, and maybe you will join us for a fabulous evening!!!

Thank you truly for your time and I will speak to you soon (*^_^*)


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  1. I am heartened by your commitment to Mental Health. Your openness about this difficult issue and the narrative you are building in this blog around your creative journey has been touching. Good luck in all that you do and thank you for being!