Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thought Process Wednesday: PROBABILITY VS. POSSIBILITY

Before I post about E-Read My Tweets and its designer I had a few thoughts which I thought may give a bit of insight to the thought processes of an artist.  

I have recently created these two pieces (maybe three) which I planned to submit and include in an exhibit.  


Acrylic paint, paper on braced birch wood

12 in x 12 in x 1.5 in



Acrylic paint, paper, pastel, collage on braced birch wood

12 in x 12 in x 1.5 in

Probability vs Possibility...

So, here is the thought process: - Three years ago I heard of this art show, I applied and payed the submission fee having read the contract a month or so ago.  Getting the paintings ready to take to venue, hmm, I am now at a completely different place as an artist than I was three years ago... what was my reason for going ahead with this again...? - Oh yes, the pressure of getting work shown, to have work out there after the solo exhibit...

But wait, things just don’t feel they add up: submission fee; the pieces could be sold for $225 (CDN tax not yet included), from which the gallery takes 50%, so I would get $112 per piece sold... ; the price I usually put on a piece at this size and quality, is above $350 (all included) per painting depending on details, materials, time spent, etc.  Also I start considering the time spent getting all this ready, energy out of studio to take the pieces down to the venue, subway fees there and back, and so on. - Why did I decide to do this again? Oh yes, having pieces in a show, POSSIBLE publicity. 

But wait, there will be thousands of 12 in x 12 in art pieces jam packed into the space at the show, some art probably not up to the standards that I expect to produce my own work to (esp at the prices they are selling for); I don’t have a particular allegiance or relation with this gallery, I am not installing it so will my work be shown in the best light, will it be presented to the possible buyer, with the care and quality, standards I usually hand over my art pieces to my clients? - Will this show bring down the calibre of my work? -The gallery does not give out info about the buyer ‘due to privacy concerns’; the buyer may contact you ‘if they want to’... so there is no connection between who maybe purchasing my work...

Then why not go to IKEA? -50% will be going to the gallery if work is sold, and I am not represented by this gallery, have no connection to them as of yet... I am completely aware of due administrative fees and costs of putting on a gallery exhibit such as this (how many people work for this gallery?  I understand they all need to get paid), okay... To make sure people do see my work, and people know my work will be there, obviously, I will be doing my own part publicizing the exhibit, in effect their gallery will be mentioned. -Ultimately it is a business. Duh, of course! -So I do all the foot work, provide the one of a kind art piece which has taken my time and energy, I publicize their gallery (in a way), what do I gain in return? $112 per piece (if sold), possible publicity, time in a venue for the public to view the work, another line on my CV.  No personal interaction or a direct connection made with anyone at the gallery yet at least, although I have paid my submission fee.  - Am I missing something here? Something is just not adding up. 

I feel there is a bit of an imbalance here, am I missing something, (scratching head)...

I may or may not be contacted by the person who was interested enough to purchase the art piece. It may have been a perfect situation three years ago, but as I go about my day, in my gut, it just doesn’t feel right.  But I would rather have my work shown in a public setting than sit around in my place, or on my website.  

What to do?. What is this the right decision?, I don’t know, its a risk either way, so long as I stick to my truths, follow my own intuition, and stand up for my work/brand/standards/business. 

The life of an artist in modern times...Probability vs Possibility...

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