Friday, August 17, 2012

Protecting Budding Ideas: Why I don't share projects prematurely.

Gary and I on the balcony: in the next clip he says hello in his Bond-esque accent.

We have been doing a little local traveling, these videos are another way to speak and share experiences with everyone.  

What have I been up to?  Art?  I have a large scale project idea which I am constantly brainstorming and solidifying an outline for, and when I have a creative idea, I tend to keep it to myself until I am truly ready to share.  

In the past I have shared projects prematurely and they never came into fruition due to a number of reasons:
-I wasn't ready.
-Too much outside input.
-They took my idea without me knowing.
-Trust is very important; these days it is hard to come by.
-Unbeknownst to the individual, they can be critical and shoot down an idea in its early stages, creating feelings of shame and embarrassment.  Then the negative cycle of self-doubt begins which is unhealthy.   
-Unorganized goals, needs and wants makes for impossible planning.
-I felt too exposed, and vulnerable.
-Unless you know your wants and needs there is no way to identify the values and motives of those you are sharing/working with.
-I can not be a good leader unless I have a good vision of the final product and its aims.

So I have learned to protect, keep near and dear, share with only those I can truly count on for healthy constructive criticism and support.  I tend to over analyze and plan for all outcomes and possibilities, embody the project as a whole, begin the process, get active, and sometimes be a little reclusive to hold my tongue and not share a project of which I am COMPLETELY EXCITED and PASSIONATE.  The importance of a bit of self/creative preservation:)

Thank you for your patience and understanding.  

On our short trip to Montreal Canada, on VIA Rail, Gary loving communicating in French while I remain hopeless when it comes to French pronunciation.    

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