Saturday, January 5, 2013


For 2012-13 New Years I went away on holiday for 7 days, for a rare family vacation.  

Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, RIU Merengue Resorts and Hotels.

I had such a meaningful and excellent time.

Since I have been back I've been editing the footage I was able to take throughout the trip.  There are many relaxing and uplifting tropical weather shots, beautiful sounds and scenery of the ocean, and lots of sunshine; much needed for those living in areas with lengthy winters, or suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  For me these clips are a way to document my experience so I can revisit them whenever I need to, to refresh the sensations.

A few reminders for healthy being:

-Importance of SLEEP!  Deprived of quality sleep in Toronto I was out in the plane, in the bus, on the beach.

-Sunshine does help lift moods; added benefits of vitamin D, increased outdoor activities, helps in regulating circadian rhythm, and the list continues.  For further info and researched proof, visit: 

-Meals: regular meals, hot meals, variety of colors and textures, freshly made, freshly picked, in moderation and healthy portions.

-Alcohol; drink in moderation.

-Switch off!  I didn't touch my phone, or any other devices while away (only for listening to music on the plane and the camera for images/video).  It is okay to take a break from checking emails, social media, and the technological noise of modern day life.  Sometimes it is paramount in hearing yourself think, feeling, reflecting, and being more in tune with the self and environment.  I could see the stars without the constantly plugged in city lights! 

-Exploring and learning new things, sights, languages, cultures, and human connections.  

-In a modern world of abundance; less can be more.

-It is always the best to be honest to yourself, BE yourself, and okay with who you are.  
HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish you all the best in 2013.
The 7 days in Puerto Plata videos can be viewed on my Youtube channel BeingMarieT:  Please subscribe to my channel for video updates.

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  1. You looked like you were having a good time. Did you have a chance to explore the area and do some thing like snorkeling or swimming with the dolphins at Ocean World Puerto Plata? I hope so, both are so much fun!

    1. I had an excellent time, I loved it! I definitely went snorkeling and exploring:) I didn't go swimming with the dolphins at Ocean World, although I would love to go swimming with wild dolphins again as I did during a research study off the island of Japan many many years ago. Thank you so much for leaving a comment, I really appreciate it!

  2. Nice to see your blog. From many years I spend a vacation in Puerto Plata. The Dominican Republic is very nice. With blogs comparable to your touring is easier. From a while I'm additionally thinking about my business on this place :)

    1. Having a business in that environment, I'd kill for that, any day! I wouldn't know too much about economy there, except mostly dominated by tourism, but I guess there will always be negatives and positives to wherever we set up work. Being mobile is probably best this day in age:) Thank you for leaving a comment, I truly appreciate it!

  3. I've never celebrated the new year abroad. I do agree that sometimes lesser gives you more. This is more true while travelling.