Sunday, March 2, 2014

VALUE OF LIFE Existentialist Thought PERSPECTIVE Nail Polish and Bath Products

This is what happens when I paint my nails; monotone gradation!   

Thumb: CND Gold Sparkle (I'm low maintenance; just the original effects polish, never tried the gels/vinylux/other nail polish developments...)
Index: Clinique Fizzy (different colours at which now ships to Japan FYI and other clinique counters).
Middle: Ciate Sharp Tailoring 
Ring: OPI Haven't the Foggiest 
Pinky: CND Asphalt 

Base: CND Sticky base coat
Top: Seche Vite Fast Dry top coat

I usually have my toe nails painted but can't be bothered with my finger nails, for some reason the thought of no one else knowing that I've got crazy coloured toe nails pleases me.  *a knowing grin*  My brain works in odd ways:)  It was a kaleidoscopic midnight blue before (OPI Play Til Midnight  with CND effects in Sapphire Sparkle, and now they are a summery shimmery orange/coral (Deborah Lippman Girls Want to Have Fun below Christian Dior Spring Ball  

Enough with the nails... 

Last night while having a nice relaxing bubble bath in my Japanese style deep soaker that sings to me when the water is filled to the top, and reheats itself when needed: 
This shower is any Gemini's worst nightmare; which to use!?  So dumb I know.  But every time.  LOL!

Add Laura Mercier's Almond Coconut Milk Honey bath bubbles (I can't get enough of their scented bath and body products, yummy and delightful!) or This Works Deep Sleep Body Wash (I only have the body wash but I know they have a Bath Soak, right now they have a limited edition, larger size of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray too  or Aroma Therapy Associates in Relax Deep bath and shower oil, a few candles (like, or, or and you're set to go; makes you smell delicious, all soft and cozy.  

As I was saying... whilst taking a bath my mind was just cranking out; VALUING YOUR LIFE.  See, day in and day out I encounter business men on the train in Tokyo either totally wasted, looking sallow like the overworked walking dead, or those with obvious mental health issues due to the body's inability to handle the stresses of daily life, and don't even get me started on the women I see on the trains; I'm filled with a sense of sadness, shame, wonder, a bit of disdain, maybe some intrigue.  BUT, how much can one abuse their body and be oblivious to the daily routines of our lives, and its effect on our soul and future selves?  I mean, how do you feel about this phenomenon?  The realities of operating in modern society, within the systems, and the way it is?   

Coming from a place where my perspective of the value of life has been challenged and dissected ad nauseum, I can't help but question and wonder; the true value of our selves and lives.  The perspective of a parent who's speeding down the high way in the middle of the night, as they know an ambulance will take too long, and their child slamming head first into the cold, concrete, hospital emergency waiting room floor, as the doctors and nurses rush to their child's side proclaiming; not breathing, where's the pulse, possible fractured skull, on top of possible irreparable brain damage from the multiple seizures... at that moment the parent doesn't think of their finances, reputation, possessions, where they've travelled, or how much they have done, and unless you have a psychopathic personality, I can only imagine them holding their child in their arms hoping for dear life that a miracle will save their loved one, give them enough strength to pull through and that their bodies can contain the exploding sensations within their chests.  


Their child falsely accused of a crime, with possibility of a criminal sentence, that could affect the rest of their life.  They don't think 'hmm, I wonder if I should dip into my retirement savings, how much will I have left over?' or 'what would others think of me?' 'how much time is this going to take?' or any of these trivial things that we often get numbed out from thinking while we go about our daily lives.  NO, everything is done to hire the best criminal lawyer possible to refute the charges and fight for their child's life and future.  And if that's not possible, to go about in every other way possible to save their child.  

I'm just trying to bring back into perspective and try to convey the value of ones life, what it is that is truly important and worth being mindful.  Life is way too precious to abuse, to be unaware and not acknowledge the weight of responsibility and go about without a care or thought in our actions, behaviours, choices, and life journeys.  

I can see the various angles from which to consider, and I know that my stance on this is unforgiving, and a bit stubborn, I also often catch myself off guard on autopilot too, but I just couldn't go without sharing the infinitely grateful responsibility, that I'm conscious of, as my life, to exist and to never forget the true value of BEING.  Being, without the having, doing, going, achieving, earning, getting... the bare essence of humanity and life.  

Are you happy to be alive?  I know that must sound so odd to some, but I'm serious, take a moment to acknowledge and be aware of one truth a day, and be.    

So there's a post discussing everything from nail polish, to existentialist thought... I know, impossible...  Hahaha~  

Until the next post; I am glad that you ARE.  


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