Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Christchurch Priori

The Priori at Christchurch, Dorset England.

We wanted to go up to the top as the views would have been amazing but as the place was run by senior volunteers there were no abled bodies who could takes up the winding stair case.  Better than someone having a heart attack so maybe next time.
The place was steeped in history and the stories were fascinating!
The dates went back to before the 1800's.  AMAZING!

Befriending one of the wives of the clergy while there, her husband was able to let us into the crypt.  Down the stairs we go, ooo-spooky...

Beautiful!  I rather like places full of history and identity as I believe it truly creates the character of the area and people.  Being from Japan and having travelled I am not too keen on places without deep and extensive historical grounding.  Some substance underfoot, I find more connection and pride.

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