Sunday, September 12, 2010

Recent Art Progress

Here is a wall of my 10 ft. x 14 ft. studio space; it can get quite cramped in here and the size of my work is limited; very frustrating to say the least as it would be wonderful to just let loose and do huge pieces.  But I do with and work with what I've got, I feel grateful and fortunate.  I am a major multi-tasker so I get a little ruffled when I can only have three pieces going at once; similarly with books, I think I am usually reading at least 5 books at a given time, except when I am traveling (I can imagine myself carrying all those books with me... back breaking).  

This is how my brain is organized, I guess it is all compartmentalized into specific sections, images and ideas that are created and slotted into its own little space.  I realize it is impossible explaining how my brain works or thinks; forget it, I don't even understand it at times.  Complicated.  

Recently I have been depressed; okay, that sounds a bit daft in that I am diagnosed with chronic depression... I have been managing it okay until recently when I discovered I am not as I would like to be.  I feel a huge imbalance in everything these days and that drives me nuts.  Life is unpredictable but this is more of a powerless-ness feeling I do not appreciate.  I will none the less persevere and this too shall pass.   


So I am feeling a bit down although this piece has to do more with the economy; and it is not close to finished.  We'll see where this goes.  

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