Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fried Brains!

I can finally say my brain has been fried by computer use...  yes, lo tech me, on a computer!?  What the !@#$?  

First of all things to spill:

-I have been doing more art and I expected myself to be doing.  This is great!  
-Note to self; when working with pastels and/or pigments look in the mirror before leaving the front door!!!  Walking the dog, I literally looked like a chimney sweep!!!  Shock horror!!!  OMG!!!
-Paper design cut outs easily get tangled in dog fur; his nose is also very wet; not good (for the paper and my art)!
-Open window when drawing madly with pastels; sniffing the residue will make you high, re, not a good high but a toxic one... gag gag cough choke, oh great, more psychedelic war paint on face!!!
-The layer I am doing on one of my pieces looks like country, old lady house, quilt, deco... yuck, but this is the process and these layers, despite being harsh on eyes, are essential to get to end EXTRAVAGANT and BEAUTIFUL results:)
-I need to really wash my paint brushes... poor things they are drowning in colored stale mucky water.  
-The other day I was shredding credit cards and other sort of cards for another piece I am working on and without noticing I started smelling this burning plastic smell, they congealed together, MELTED!, uggh, great for security reasons I guess, but not for my art piece which needs shredded plastic strips!  
-My boyfriend often things I am completely nuts as I get excited about strange things... like the way in which the plastic pieces melted together from my shredding mess, and the likes.  
-I will be visiting L.A. for a week and then flying to Tokyo for a few weeks from there.  I have been looking for sturdy, will not rip or break luggage for the next ten years (or more); Briggs and Riley, life time warranty, I look to you.  Lol.  Yes, it is a bit expensive but I am a heavy traveller (in both weight and frequency).  
-There for I am researching art galleries like mad in the L.A. area and I haven't gotten to Tokyo yet...  I like to be thorough.  Right now I have 23 galleries on my list... in a week, hmmm, I should start cutting down; until next time, L.A.  
-I have not worn nail polish on my fingers in a while as I realized beautiful colors make me not want to get my hands dirty; impossible for me to do, making the whole process of applying polish and prettying them completely useless and exhausting.  

Yes, thats in a nut shell.  Oh, my website still is being updated (always;), the Japanese language section will be coming soon as well as maybe some flash movement (if I have money left, if at all)...

I need to go make some dinner now so I will post again soon:)  Photos will be coming soon too, I haven't forgotten, and also the illustrations on paper have been cleaned up so I will post those all in one.  



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