Monday, March 7, 2011

Art updates

Just incorporating some things into my pieces.  I have realized that when people see my pieces in life they are very surprised at the depth and details that are within each piece; which can not be completely identified through photographs on my website.  Ya gotta see it to believe it.  

The stamp competition ends March 14th and am pleased with the support I have gotten from so many people; I am truly grateful.  

On that note, Canada Post (if they ever see this), for the next competition process I hope they get rid of this facebook/twitter/public voting nonsense as it detracts from the actual work, the important cause, and totally contradicts the whole essence of 'mental health awareness' and giving others a chance.  This is a numbers game, a popularity contest, another big corporate system.  I HATE BULL SHIT; says right in my artist bio!!!  This is why!  These kinds of things piss me off.  Where is the morale, ethics, the humanity in any of this.  In any case I have learnt my lesson once again, but I will keep on supporting and upholding my promise to mental illness and mental health awareness as that is deep within my heart.  And my work will always have mental health influences throughout its layers and movement.  

I am being true to myself and BEING me.  I follow my heart and live life of passion and exuberance.  Nothing will stop me.  Never stop learning or persevering.  Anything is possible.  One step at a time.  I believe in me, I believe in you, now do you believe in yourself?  

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