Friday, March 11, 2011


Hearing of the news in Japan; I have family, friends, and close ones who are there, some I do not know if they are safe or not.  I am sending out as much positive thoughts and wishes possible, praying, and hoping everyone is safe and healthy; having been able to get to evacuation areas.  I hear those in Tokyo are okay although having trouble getting back home and hectic, but those in the coastal areas my heart goes out to you.  

I was not expecting this at all; the epicenter was in Sendai where I just visited the last time I was in Japan a few months back, I do have close friends in the area and I have yet to hear from them, friends in the coast of Ofunato I have heard are in trouble and seeking emergency rescue as they are stranded on top of a roof surrounded by water and fire everywhere else the eye can see.  

With the mental health awareness cause I have been supporting lately; it only places more importance on the significance of mental health.  Times like this, trauma, shock, loss, and other experiences are rampant; support, help, compassion and heart is extremely important.  No matter the circumstance unexpected events occur and everyone needs support and help.  Hope in the face of hardship.  My thoughts and heart are with those in need.  

Love Always,

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