Friday, August 19, 2011


The summer has flown by so fast as it always seems to happen, but I hope you have had a wonderful summer.

In a few days there will be an exhibition held at Ouchi Gallery in NY called the Puzzle Project here is the description they have on their website:

Aug 23 Tue - Aug 28 Sun 2011
The concept of the project: FUSION
This project will involve many different artists independently creating artwork on
puzzle piece shaped canvases. All pieces will finally be connected and
assembled creating one large puzzle. The artists will not know what each other
are creating, and no one will know what the final creation will be until it is assembled.
The theme of the project:
The world is a place where things connect and interconnect; they affect each
other regardless of direct relations. This project will present a world showing how
these interconnections and relations represent the order and disorder of
existence. While politicians and big business may care little for the common
people, we strongly believe that art will be able to expand the importance and
feasibility of reconciliation; we don’t need further opposition and separation. 

The piece which will be shown:
Acrylic paint, collage transfers, paper, hemp

Other pieces which I have completed recently which can also be viewed on my website:

30 in x 24 in x 1.5 in
Acrylic paint, paper, glass tiles, collage transfers, clay (or shall I just say mixed media:)

I was also working on a few little pieces I thought would be going to Italy but unfortunately not anymore:
8 in x 6 in x 1.5 in
Acrylic paint, collage transfers

This one I am almost finished but I haven't signed or titled it yet, therefore the simple snap shot:)

I am working on a large piece which appears very sexual and obscene, but as with most of my pieces there is a deeper story and it mirrors current society issues.  What am image it was constantly transferring images onto acrylic medium then pasting them onto the piece; at one point I think I had a cold and had snot running down my nose as I transfered images of corset clad women, and words/phrases like 'hot stuff' 'turn me on' 'knickers' 'suck on this' and 'no time for swine'... all of which came out of the usual everyday magazines and papers... obviously I was not feeling any of the above while I was chicken noodle-ing, and kleenexed up!  

Thank god colds are temporary, uggh, I was quite surprised as the last cold I had was two years ago.  Anyways I hope to keep on posting a lot more often than I have been this summer, even if I don't have followers or fans.  

The catalogue and stamp booklet from the Canada Post Mental Health Awareness stamp competition has been printed and it has been uploaded to my website (in flash), but I will post it on my next blog, with whom I decided to donate the finalist award money.

Big Hugs,

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