Saturday, August 27, 2011

PASSWORD; Exhibit in Italy

Two of my pieces will be featured in the exhibit mentioned above in Lecce Italy.  As per website description:

The exhibition aims to investigate the synergies and the associations between words and images. Art is a form of cartography, spatial representation that illustrates the relationships between the different componentsThrough the interpretation of some words that represent our society, the artists are invited to works site-specificto make a fantastic dictionary of the human condition of the twenty-first century.

These are the pieces which I created and the description for the pieces are as follows:


Ojizo-sama are Japanese divinities or symbols of guardian and protection, in particular 
children and travelers.  Although they are usually made of stone they seem to have a life 
and soul of their own.  Each one is totally unique and has different expressions, gestures, 
or postures.  People usually make hats, scarves, bibs, etc to keep them warm and show 
their respect, also leaving flowers, and food.  The ojizo’s spiritual protection can also be 
personal and encompass a number of aspects; such as watching over critically 
endangered species and the plight of the natural world which connects the art piece 

Spiritual Conservation
Acrylic paint, paper, ink, woven beads.

Endangered Planet
Acrylic paint, collage transfers, paper.

I shall keep you updated on my recent endeavors:)  Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day!!!

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