Thursday, September 8, 2011


Here are some recent pictures from the NY PUZZLE PROJECT exhibit at Ouchi Gallery:

And my piece will be flying back to Osaka, Japan for the exhibit taking place at Tachibana Gallery:

Just a reminder, this is the puzzle piece I created for the show:

I shall keep you in the loop:)  Right now I am waiting for large canvases and wood panels to be delivered to me; lets see if I can sit still and wait for them to arrive before I end up dashing to the store near by, carrying a large (bigger than my body) canvas on my own by foot, that would be a site, huh?  I have to say I do get cranky and antsy when I run out of supports and/or supplies.  Well, I haven't created an art piece out of the walls of the studio yet, but there is always the risk... other walls from the past have not been so lucky, it wasn't even in my own house, I was just staying at a friends.  And in the morning 'there was art'!!!

That was in the past, these days I don't act on impulse unless it is a good positive impulse:)  

Autumn is here!!!
I took this picture the last time I was in Japan; can you believe this beautiful installation was next to the bathroom stalls!?  I got strange stares from others using the bathroom, but I always get strange stares!!!

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