Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nuit Blanche Toronto

For Nuit Blanche Toronto my work will be displayed at the Red Head Gallery for their INSOMNIA exhibit from Sept. 28- Oct. 2.

The piece is called RAGE: Rape, Antagonism, Gnawing, Eviscerate.  2005 June.  Mixed media: acrylic paint, paper, ink, pen, marker.  Razor blades, pins, nail, leather, velcro, and found objects.  

I think it accurately mirrors the way I felt at the time I created the piece; beyond pissed or angry, I was enraged.  I believe it was after a huge fight I had with one of my ex's, but it drew out more than just the rage of the moment, kept me awake throughout the night, and for a few nights, therefore 'insomnia'.  The first piece that came to mind when I heard of the exhibit.

Have you ever experienced emotions so strong that it kept you awake throughout the night and/or completely preoccupied (even during the day) until it was resolved?

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  1. Yes , I have. I believe it is the subconscious trying to work the issue out. However, as the other person is not really there, it cannot really becresolved, like playing tennis , by yourself he he ... & the heart n brain go beat beat beat !