Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art piece from hell.

This is just my luck, omg, I am working on a piece from hell at the moment which needs much improvisation.  Improv is no problem for me, I even formally took class after class for improv for classical ballet, but this is a bit different... frustrating piece of ____ (insert preferred word here).  

Here is my predicament; first I used masking tape and I was a bit too thorough with the GAC 500 to get clean edges and took forever lifting the masking.  Oh my fingertips... uggh.  That's fine these things happen, and I got very clean edges so I am happy with that.  

Then for reasons foreign to my brain I choose to use mosaic glass tiles which need splitting with hammer, into squares, little squares... do I decide to use this sparingly, NO, I end up having to do some MATH, and from my calculation I need 16 more BOXES of these little glass suckers!  There are approx. 180 in each box, I need 2976 tiny squares!!!

To complicate matters I decide to place them onto my canvas in a cross hatch patterns, one at a time (paint picture in head of me sitting on an old tub of gesso, well sometimes leaning or laying on my stomach on the tub so I am a few inches off the surface of my canvas).  NOT COMFORTABLE!  NECK PROBLEMS?  YES!  

I also bought these tiles a while back and needing more of the same tiles I find out they are no longer in stock... where do these tiles originate?  Some place called Monheim, GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????  Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaatttttttttttt......................

Excuse my bitching but why didn't I choose to use little stick on tiles or macaronis or I don't know, anything but these freakin glass tiles!?  

This is going to take a while.


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  1. GAH!!! Those are tiny tiny tiny tiles! I'm not certain what your final vision is here, but that looks on the ultra side of tedious >_<

    I just tiled my bathroom I completely gutted and restored for my very patient wife, and I saw that some of those glass tiles come on a kind of string-wire mesh kind of affair, so they go on in 1' x 1' squares ( see the link!)


    I don't know if this helps, but I've "painted" myself into many a corner for art's sake. Your sanity will thank me ^_^

    You're welcome, sanity...