Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays!

The gathering of artists at the MAD BEAN coffee house was cozy and a great atmosphere to enjoy an afternoon.  I think I will be going back to hang out at the Mad Bean as they have all kinds of teas, coffees, and treats; what a great intimate family owned space.  

Happy holidays to everyone!!!  

As for me I will be working through Christmas, and the New Year.  My work has encroached upon my living quarters; my dining table is space for drying transfers as well as the work area to create my little ojizo figures, the bath tub is great for soaking the huge number of transfers I have started on for the collage piece as well as large enough to clean all my palettes, next to my laptop are small figure sculptures made of clay in various emotional states that are waiting to be stuck in the oven for curing, the living area is scattered with things I am working on at any given moment, and my studio has two large canvases that need finishing, another canvas which is being pre-primed (to prevent SID, support induced discoloration), a few others that will be put to good use after I have more space when I finish the other two or however many... oh that reminds me I need to order more matte medium and Japanese unryu paper!  

The constant sitting on the floor and getting up, bending over, etc has been a pain in the knees literally, and the weather getting colder by the day doesn't help either; but the bath is soaking transfers, not me or my knees... 

Aside from all that is/has been going on and the thousands of things going through my mind every moment, I get thoughts and images of ideas and pieces for possible future exhibitions (after the one in April... yeah, I can be a little intense).  New techniques I want to learn, others I want to perfect, and much more to explore and try!  So, nothing will stop me, that's for certain:)  I love it!  

So, what kinds of things in life keep you going?  What are you passionate about?  Do you like the winter holiday time?  Have you ever taken a man's breath away?  Okay, the last question was so random but it came to me as I was taking a shower the other day and is turning into a new art piece!  

I do not have many images to share right now as everything is a work in progress... but maybe this will do...  Have fun, enjoy, take it easy, laugh, make a fool of yourself, entertain yourself/me/others, cuddle with a furry friend, be healthy and fill life with a bit more adventure!  *BIG SMILE*

HAPPY HOLIDAYS and you are in my thoughts!


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  1. Merry Christmas Marie ...any Christmas themed ojizo figurines? :-)
    & a lady took my breath away recently ...