Friday, December 2, 2011


I have been planning on a solo exhibit in February but as I have started organizing there have been more interest than I had expected and I've realized I will need more time to set things to high standards and make the most of the gallery event. 

So the date has been changed to April.

I am currently updating the HTML website:  I am also now on Twitter:!/BeingMarieT

I will be collaborating with couture latex fashion designer:  who is based in the Netherlands.  We've got an amazing one of a kind latex outfit in the works for the opening event!

I have also been coordinating with the owners at Bizune, an amazing space:  They have been ever so gracious.

I am also planning and collaborating with many others, please stay tuned for updates.  This will be a bit of a different solo art exhibition experience as I am breaking rigid boundaries of creative communities, bringing together those who would usually not be interacting.  Opening and broadening the perspectives of art from various angles!  

I have a very clear vision, and believe it is crucial to share the experience with everyone.  I am so excited I can't contain my enthusiasm.  *BIG SMILE*  

Here is a peak into something little that I am working on for the exhibit, but much more to come!!!

Thank you for your patience and support, it truly means the world to me.  I am so grateful.

Big Hugs,

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