Saturday, June 23, 2012

Youtube channel direction, solution to public interest dilemma, and recent video.

This video is a bit delayed in that I have already completed the talks at Sheena's Place here in Toronto but I wanted to share with everyone the direction I am hoping to take my Youtube channel(s!).  

I have been uploading various kinds of videos on my youtube channel: for over a year, this provided me with a foundation of 'market research' or more simply what my viewers want, what is popular, what didn't fare so well, getting a feel for my audience, etc.  

A few dilemmas (realities) I faced: 
#1- I know what interests me, the topics I appreciate being shared and discussed about but I really had no clue what the 'unknown' world wide public were looking for.  
#2- I make art, I am an advocate for mental illness and mental health awareness, I love other things too, I am human.
#3- In society today to create a brand you need a 'niche' interest to 'narrow' your target, and to keep doing it consistently... the last part I'm okay with, but knowing myself with an extraordinary amount of interest, fascination, curiosity for things in the world, also being a complete Gemini, to narrow or even remotely focus my energy on only one thing is almost impossible.  I mean, we are ultimately made up of many sides and dimensions as individuals.  
#4- Trying to come to terms with "sex sells".  
#5- Art and sex, art and mental illness, art with probably anything, goes, they can work, BUT, sex and mental illness, sex and children's mental health awareness, fashion and eating disorder awareness, are not necessarily mutually exclusive but harder to mix (metaphor; not like oil and water, but more like a thick goop that comes out of a Campbell soup can in which water or milk needs to be mixed, slowly with care eventually it 'may' work).
#6- Within me it all works out, creating a broadminded and unique individual, but society is not for me to control, and everyone has their own comfort levels and perceptions of various aspects.  I can not predict much when it comes to others especially when I don't know them personally. 
#7- I need to sustain my art practice= to keep doing what I truly believe in and am passionate about, I need supplies, and for that I need currency, $!  Each piece I work on takes time to create, I am no Andy Warhol, they are one of a kind.  (Although those prints are coming).  
#8- I do not want to offend anyone, I would like to create awareness, I need to share my story, I need to follow my heart and be true to myself, it has to be fair, and a positive experience for those who follow me and/or my youtube channel.

My solution: 
Yesterday I decided to create a new channel specifically for my interests in fashion, style, things that challenge stereotypes, breaks boundaries, taboo topics, tastefully sexy firecracker qualities, and material things!  'GASP!' Hahaha~  

We shall see, in what direction we will journey:)  

Video before Sheena's Place talks, about eating disorders; how art and creativity can help in the process of recovery.  
Link if video doesn't work:

Thank you for your time, I hope everyone is well.  Have a wonderful weekend!!! 



  1. Miss Marie rules ! I love your channel you are awesome thank you for being you

  2. Ohhh. Thank goodness. I was worried that you were over exposing yourself and that you may capitulate your brand by sexifying for more hits. Nothing wrong with latex fashion or receiving attention because of your youth, but I would not want to see it overshadow the more enduring values and virtues expressed in both your character and your art. The values you’ve forged in fighting for your health and well-being, and the virtues you continue to develop with each new piece - have been presented with class. When I saw the words “tastefully” and “dimensions”, I was glad to see you openly confront the dilemmas associated with online self-expression. It’s good to see you clarify and compartmentalize your motives. You gotta allot of cool things to ponder, paint, and speak out about. As long as you dignify your works with the universal truths you’ve listed, you will never let down your audience.

    1. My universal truths will always be the foundation of who I am and will never be overcome by the youth/sex/fake/superficiality loving nature of the 'masses' in the world.
      I am unwilling, WILL NOT, put my integrity at risk, I know my roots and they run deep and non negotiating when it comes to values, beliefs, manners, honesty, principals, and BEING me.
      I am not opening myself up to the unfiltered entertainment, it will always have to go through my brain and self, therefore always with dignity/class/and elegant sophistication.
      My universal truths are who I am at the core and nothing will alter that, ever:)
      I truly appreciate your input, it means a lot to me. Thank you.

    2. Don't worry: It's impossible to not recognize that you are more dynamic then just a pretty girl in latex. (Although that is simply awesome) The anonymity of youtube can bring out the worst in people but trust me, you can talk to both the super-ego as well as the id. You are communicating, effectively, on a broad spectrum and what you say has value to people.

    3. Thank you, I just want to bring a bit of awareness and 'reality' to a world full of superficiality and b.s. If I need to dress up and do fashion reviews to get people's attentions (initially) then so be it:) I will share my thoughts through creative means regardless of public opinion. Thank you again for your comment, I truly appreciate it:)

  3. Marie,

    You continue to inspire in so many ways...for those of us who live the latex and fetish lifestyle 24/7 as i do truly appreciate Your amazing insights into our unique world..You also inspire in following Your heart and dreams, and bringing awareness to mental health issues...You are truly amazing, and i am honored to follow You...Integrity, honesty and staying true to oneself is all anyone coudl ever ask of another, and You exmplify these traits in all You do...

    latexa torrez

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