Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INTENTIONS vs. PERCEPTIONS: challenging objectification of individuals in society.

This week started off with a serious hack/spam that threw off my Yahoo Mail account, and as I was trying to fix this problem Yahoo Mail suggested I upgrade, I did and it wiped everything off of my account including contacts/folders/messages/etc.  

This is now fixed, although I did have a few words to say about it; which I have expressed in a video prior to the Intentions vs. Perceptions.  It includes phrases like 'big sacks of cow sh...manure' 'fart-face!' and the like... if you are interested in seeing that I will put it below the actual video I am now posting.  

My Youtube Channel: BeingMarieT
-I started sharing this new material; latex as a fascinating textural medium from an artist perspective.  Also to bring awareness to the stereotypes and judgement placed upon it.  I thought it would be a great platform to challenge differences, preconceived notions, and views.  To be an example that anyone can wear latex, not linked to taboos, and of dark mysterious underground worlds.
-I don't go with the flock/herd/group/whatever you want to call it, I break boundaries and lead by example, try things my way, and see how it goes.
-Those were my intentions; but that which started out as the above has began evolving into this public perception/trend/brand that is a different animal in and of itself which I am not happy with.  
-Seeing the interaction and comments I've realized that what I have tried so hard to challenge; over objectification of people, image based society, false advertisement, photoshopped air brushed perfection representation of what one 'should' be, and its effect on youth and individuals, the consequences of materialism, surface focused, over sexualized everything----> I have become my own research subject, so to speak.  
-Someone who has personal experience with eating disorders, I can say for certain this is not what I set out to represent or do, I am not and do not support surface shallow instant gratification or present myself due to 'looks' 'image' or 'numbers'.  
-There is a difference between feeling 'sexy' and something being 'sexual'; I believe this gets mixed up A LOT.  Latex is not sexual in any way or form to me, there is no arousal as others may experience.  I do feel sexy when I do wear it, as I would when I decide to wear a pair of well fitting comfortable jeans!
-What am I doing? I am trying to refocus, my Youtube channel so I can have it the way I intended to, with the possibility of making a difference (even one viewer at a time).  NOT have useless comments about things based on careless image of assumption, being taken as a sexual object.  Thank you, if you think I look good in latex but it is never about the 'looks' people (to you maybe, but NOT TO ME).    
-Also to connect to the Japanese population I have began doing mental health videos in Japanese.

So here is the video: 
INTENTIONS vs. PERCEPTIONS: challenging objectification of individuals in society.  

This is the video I made right before this expressing my feelings on being hacked/spammed then deleted by Yahoo Mail, appropriately titled:

Multi tasking can be a pain in the butt as many times unexpected things arise, but oh well, find solution, fix problem, keep on moving forwards:)  

Thank you,


  1. Perdón, por escribir en español, pero en ingles seria un desastre. :P

    Es tu canal de youtube! y debes hacer lo que desees con el.
    Por otro lado te diré que no valores solo los que hablan cosas que no te gustan, algunos estamos aunque sea en silencio.

    La realidad es que llegue por el latex, por que me llamo la atención, eres bonita y sexy pero eso no debe ser un problema, gracias al latex he descubierto una gran persona, y artista.
    No dejes de hacer videos, por favor.

    Saludos desde Barcelona

    1. Thank you for your reply, I translated it through Google:) I will keep posting regardless of what others say or judge. I just hope to bring more thoughtful awareness and discussion to issues that are not often ventured. I truly appreciate your input. Thank you for the support, it means a lot to me!

  2. I came across this video and post the other day, and I just wanted to say, I respect you for making it. It takes bravery to stand up to society's stereotypes and refuse to fit into the box people want to put you in.

    I'll be honest, I first came across your channel because, like many of your other viewers, women wearing latex clothing holds visual appeal for me. But I quickly realised that you are quite different to the various models on YouTube; that you're not here to look sexy, and that you actually have interesting things to say instead.

    It's unfortunate that there are others who aren't able to see you as anything other than an object, but I hope videos like this one might change that. I actually thought your best video was the one where you talked about your mental illness, which I could sympathise with, even though it didn't have any latex in it at all. If this channel teaches guys like me that the women they see on the Internet aren't just there for their enjoyment, but are real people with their own lives, passions and problems, that can only be for the best.

    I know you've received some creepy or abusive messages, and if you decided to quit YouTube as a result, I for one wouldn't blame you. But personally, I hope you stick around. The world needs more people who are prepared to challenge society's expectations and make others see things differently.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate your honesty and your insight:) I don't quit that easily, there will always be things negative in nature with all aspects of life and whatever I do, but that is just the way things are in life; I strive for what I believe in and never give up in my efforts to make a difference:)

  3. Hello Marie!

    May I ask some questions on this topic? :)

    Firstly, I'm somewhat surprised that as an artist you haven't yet ventured into making some latex clothing of your own? Not only it would make much more room for freedom of expression, but is also a lot cheaper than buying it made to measure!

    Secondly, have you thought of actually involving some other people into it? I mean, latex is much like elastic collage you could put onto other people! :)
    I think this would especially apply for guya since latex clothing on them is even more stereotyped.

    The general idea would be to create latex clothing that looks so great that it's almost acceptable as streetwear, and may even start catching up as a fashion trend of it's own or something. Obviously, that's not an easy task and I have no idea how to do it, but I think you might have :)

    So perhaps looking up a group of volounteers would be a good start for this?



    1. Hi Marko, thank you for your input, I truly appreciate it.
      Answers to some of your questions:
      1) I researched creating latex fashions at the beginning when I first discovered the material; what I discovered was that I was not trained in tailoring or designing garments and those who had this background have much more expertise. I am fascinated with their skill and craftsmanship. Latex is not the most forgiving material to work with; smell of latex, glue, ammonia in the mixtures, cutting, time to dry, time to put together, the material itself being UV/oil/metal sensitive and perishable (depending on quality), etc.
      2) I agree, latex on men is more stereotyped. I don't own men's latex garments, and the guys I know personally don't wear latex, so I guess its a matter of time and convenience.

      There are quite a few companies that have begun doing latex as street wear, or more fashion forward, and accessible to wear on a frequent basis. They've got the facilities and expertise, as well as the connections within the latex wearing communities. So I shall leave the latex fashion making to them, its their niche:)

      Excellent questions, thank you again, I take all comments into consideration and thought:)

  4. Hi again!

    Ah, no sense of adventure at all :) Well, I have no experience in tailoring either yet I hope to make some of my own, in the next following months... And I'm pretty confident it'll turn out better than commercial stuff that rarely seems to fit well!

    All you need for start is some latex, a rotary cutter and some bike tyre glue :) I'd say it's much easier than sewing fabrics, from what I've learned, but I have yet to try and see. I know some amateurs have become pretty good at it.

    In any case, I think it'd be extremely interesting if you tried something like that!