Tuesday, October 9, 2012

人魚の歌: Ningyo no uta, MERMAID'S SONG

Alright, we're get'n back to business here!

Progression of piece MERMAID'S SONG, or NINGYO NO UTA (人魚の歌) as follows:

The HUGE box that the paper I ordered from PaperWoman: http://www.papernado.com had a warning that said 'beware of water damage' in Japanese.  Well, I ripped it out and was inspired to make it the starting point for my new project.

After layers of extremely thin unryu paper cut out into freehand designs which I dyed with acrylic pigments, I painted over top, and added whimsical elements. 

I like how my imagination unfolds, and unexpected elements like the paper air plane which does not exist in the original fable presents itself.   

I created the body out of clay, painted, added further elements like the three dimensional paper dyed, and sculpted into her hair and tail.

More detailed shot.

Here is a rough photo of the final piece: colors more saturated, added dimension, texture, scales cut individually, layers, finishes, and oh there is a moon in the background too.

The reasons I believe and think Japan's mental health system and society has become the way it has been/is will be what I hope to discuss in the next blog post.

Thank you so much for your time, and for the Canadians tuning in I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!!



  1. Beautiful piece.

    The harsh background contrast and detailing of the mermaid's body has got me intrigued. A video would provide a better look at the materials used and textures created.

    1. Good idea, I shall take your input and take a video of the piece from all angles, and post:) Thank you so much, I truly appreciate it!!!