Sunday, October 27, 2013

Calm in the City with a little Spark

The little moments that make you happy, what are they?

Inundated with deadlines, meetings, events, and errands, life full of exciting adventures can feel at times wearing, but I find the most joy in these moments of awareness that help to recharge and restore some equilibrium back in to my endurance pushing schedule.  

See, today I woke a bit early, a crow kept 'barking' outside my window; instead of thinking "shut the f*** up!", I was pleased with the existence of wildlife in a built up city.  I finished getting ready and put some music on, calm, quiet, peaceful before the rush-and-go at work; it's like being at the starting line on blocks before a 100 meter sprint, or warming up at the ballet barre before everyone else starts trailing into the studio.  You collect your thoughts, think of the steps you need to take to complete tasks during the day ahead, acknowledge the positive steps as well as crap ones you've taken, and just BE; it may sound a bit new-age-y but it's not.  I'm talking about being in the moment, being aware and checking in with yourself whenever you get the chance.  Living in the city can be exhausting and draining, you need some semblance of balance and calm.  If you can't get it within where else will you find it; in alcohol, in partying, chasing girls or guys, shopping, etc?  Don't get me wrong, those things are fun, I like doing those things too (although I'm not sure about chasing guys/girls), but they are a different kind of release and self restoration.  Maybe I'm just BORING, hahaha~  that word doesn't exist in my life, I'm never bored, as I entertain myself when I have time.  

Being human, and an individual you gotta appreciate all the levels, dimensions, and depth!  Can you believe!?  I LOVE IT!  These slight of energy and aura translate on a daily basis and touch those which you come in contact.  I hope to bring a little bit of sunshine or heart to another individual in the busy city:)  How else can we coexist?  

I'm feeling appreciative, forever grateful, grounded and quite alright~  I think that's a good thing, especially amongst all the challenge, craziness, and emotional, psychological, physical transitions I've experienced recently.

So, I'm writing this post this morning before work to BE:)  Sharing my love.  

I've also got devil horns with little feathery details for halloween this year; not a whole costume or anything but it makes me grin a not so innocent grin!!!  HA!!!  That is another occasion all together, right now I've got to focus on a whole lot of other things, but the playful side of myself always in reach.   

I've seen some costumes around the city, I like the free flowing self expression, keep it coming:)  


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