Monday, December 9, 2013

A Mixed Bag of Nuts!

How is everyone feeling today!?  Coming to you from a place of genuine love and joy, this afternoon I was sent this youtube video; an interview with Paul Smith, that I identified deeply.  There are so many points he touch upon that resonated with me, so when you have some free time, please do check it out.

As I was ironing my shirts looking out the window with the leaves turning a spectrum of nickel azo yellow to green gold, with kids running around playing on the playground I was struck with this thought; each individual in life are ultimately 'alone' in the world, searching for an existential belonging, of meaning, purpose, reason, and love.  I truly appreciate these moments of clarity where I can BE, especially in such densely populated cities where stores try to out do each other with Christmas lights, trying to reach holiday targets, parties, constant social media and other devices connected, work, stresses, past scars and memories that need mending and/or treasuring.  

For some reason today I opted to listen to my classical playlist, as I felt it fitting and calmed my intense and sensitive nature.  I actually didn't plan on writing today, so this is completely improvised, if it comes across a bit disjointed I take full responsibility.  

Also, on my mind, what of being an introvert in a world that rewards extroversion?  Surprising as it may be to you, I am in fact very introverted and can be somewhat shy!  I observe, listen, and take in the full experiences, think and form my own opinions and thoughts (which can take some time and not always fully formed as I voice myself, which I'm often frustrated).  I've been brought up to be socially fluid, fitting into any social situation, but small talk can become unsatisfying after a while, do you ever find this?  How do I deal with introversion, I don't... I've come to terms with it, but give myself challenges, take risks, and put myself out there regardless.  A bit of a speed freak in those aspects, I guess (and not the amphetamine sort, lol).  I see these opposing anomalies within myself as fun games with which to challenge, discover, learn and gain proof.  I enjoy it and it keeps me constantly interested and interesting.  

Wow, this is truly a mixed bag of nuts today.  But such is my mind.  So naturally, next; 
Men, do women need or want?  I've gotta say 'want'.  I don't necessarily 'need' a man to live, but I definitely 'want' to share my life with someone, don't you?  (Obviously, as I speak it can go any which way in terms of sexes without discrimination).  Although I can't say for certain I won't 'need' a guy when there is a spider, esp for one who is a little arachnophobic... LOL!  Usually I get up the nerve with some... MAJOR, trepidation.  HAHAHA~  Men have that 'male-ness' that being female, I don't have, and I LOVE that about guys.  I just respect and appreciate that human aspect in the bigger picture of things.

Anyways it is starting to get a bit darker out, and I need to go cook some supper.  My winter clothes from Canada are finally starting to come in handy!  Stay warm and cozy:)  I hope I provided some entertainment to those who actually got through the blog post, hahaha~  Well, I enjoyed writing it, so, as always, sending positive wishes your way!!!

Oh and feeling a little festive, on my toes I've got nail polish by Ciate in 'Sharp Tailoring' with an accent of Kanebo Lunasol nail polish in 06 'Shining Gold'


*and yes, this is me being FESTIVE:)*  ("c'mon, it's chic!" says me.)


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