Tuesday, December 18, 2012

日本昔話/Japanese Fables: 三枚のお札/THREE FORTUNES


三枚のお札/Three Fortunes

This piece is a diptych that measures 40 in x 60 in in total.  Created with Japanese hand made paper, Japanese hand made paper design cut out (all one continuous piece), acrylic paint, clay, fabric (from old yukata/cotton kimono), collage transfers (three good luck fortunes I kept from my trip to Japan), and drift wood from Lake Ontario (that I picked up many years back).

I recently wrote a blog post about the SENSATION OF LOSING ONESELF IN THE MOMENT which can be read here if you haven't yet: http://beingmariet.blogspot.ca/2012/11/sensation-of-losing-oneself-in-moment.html this was the piece I was creating at that time.

Here is a closer look at the unpainted clay flea (that sits in the upper left hand corner of the completed piece).

I don't stick to conventional 'techniques' or tools taught are 'supposed to' be used for art in the studio; imagination and creation has no boundaries for me and this art piece is no exception.  A face brush that wasn't used and sat in the drawer came in handy, as well as pigments created for make up artistry to mention a few.

For further details here is a video I created on my Youtube channel BeingMarieT, please excuse the 'blah' face:)

For more videos please subscribe to my Youtube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/user/BeingMarieT?feature=watch  and if you do not have a youtube account that's okay as I will be posting relevant videos on this blog, and you can see them here.  

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  1. Yeah there is magic in using certain stuff. You may find something along your ways. There is always a hand in coincidence and spiritual background in everything that happens and what you see around you, even through internet or you just had to see this or that on TV. You go for someting and other things get in motion and happen. So life works around the corner.
    It almost never freezes in The Netherlands but I have irons for under my shoes in case of glazed frost, cannot use bicycle and fell sometime with bicycle, haha. So I agree with You; please no frost.
    VERY NICE work, compliments.

  2. Thoughts on "Sanmai no ofuda"

    First, I like the painting at a superficial level with the choice of colors, materials and textures. Even though I don't know much about how to evaluate art, I wanted to say something cool like, "Hey Marie, thank you for sharing the diptych: a piece imbued from your childhood memories, saturated with layers of impassioned, unorthodox techniques – more so the artisan than the artist - who appreciates a heart holding the hands of honest expression!"
    But really, these are wishy-washy words, a run on sentence, derived from some of the explanations you’ve provided.

    Secondly, I really like how the piece compelled me to read English translations of the fable, enabling me to (at least try to) perceive and interpret the story’s compositional elements of the: mountain, the river, the fire, the chestnuts, the boy as the flea or one of the charms itself, and the figure as the priest or the witch or neither?

    Finally, I loved how it affected you as an individual following their instincts. The euphoria you experienced in the moment, touching you literally and spiritually, reminds us why the creative process is so rewarding.
    However all this over analyzing, is tiring and distracting; I should just describe it in three simple ways.

    Neat materials!
    Novel message!
    Nice artistry!

  3. Anime series related to this art piece!

    Old Stories of Japan 1975 (Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi)

    Relevant episode:
    まんが日本昔ばなし 「三枚のお札」

    Folktales from Japan 2012 (Furusato Saisei Nippon no Mukashi Banashi)
    ふるさと再生 日本の昔ばなし

    Episode 37 - The Three Charms

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a message, and I love the links. I will try to get in touch with the producers and companies who do Japanese folk tales to see if I could somehow share the stories/animation on my website, so people can get a better feel for the actual stories. Excellent, I truly appreciate it!!!