Monday, December 3, 2012

Pharmaceuticals: Medication Withdrawal

Although there is/are warnings, precautions, and awareness of the side effects that come with starting medications, people tend to be uninformed and/or forget the withdrawal effects and symptoms that come with tapering off or stopping medications.

Years and years ago when I was going through the trial and error phase of finding the cocktail of anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds that would work specifically for me, I unknowingly stopped taking my Effexor (anti-depressant) cold turkey.  BAD IDEA!  The symptoms of getting off Effexor was/is so horrible I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemies.  Later on I discovered the one line warning saying, come off medication only under supervision.  I didn't know it was so dangerous.  And back then I wasn't connected to the internet as I am now, there were only one or two forums that actually spoke of the effects of withdrawal, and I was completely taken by surprise as none of the experts or professionals told me of these consequences.  

The higher the dosage, and the longer you are on a medication the more serious and severe the withdrawal effects will probably be.  But this is only in my experience and I am not a medical professional, so if you are going through similar situations please do go seek advice from your doctors and health care professionals.  

I recently experienced withdrawal symptoms from decreasing 0.5 mgs of my Ativan, granted my body is sensitive and I have been on my medication for over 10 years.  

Slowly does it; for me with the Effexor XR, it was a few milligram decreases a month, over a few years, with the support and management closely supervised by my GP, psychiatrist, therapist, and pharmacist.  I stopped decreasing and I have been on a stable dosage now for over a year.  

This is a video I created in hopes to make aware, and precaution others who may be experiencing similar effects or are thinking of starting or coming off medications.  

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