Friday, April 10, 2015

Not Knowing, Holding Patterns and Feeling Perplexed

This year has been one full of transitions, uncertainties, and circumstances that have challenged my patience (I am extremely tolerant, but patient; not so much...), and as I prepare to move to Toronto I am at once excited, apprehensive, and curious.  Where to next, life?

BRING IT ON!!!  Am all in.  Which brings me to another point I've been wondering about recently... I have never done things half way, or 'just cuz', and as I approach a place in my life where I do like the comforts of life, I am faced with a looming 'will I have to back off on an area of passion to compensate for the other as we only have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week' in order to maintain this 'comfort(s) in life'?  The Gemini in me stirs as I am faced with limitations; I weigh out the options as I begin scheduling the many meetings that will take place once moved into my new 'home base', from May 1st.  Having been cooped up in Detroit suburbia, I am more than ready to be back in the city and continue moving forwards, making things happen.  

For me personally, there is significance in

...wether it be in the arts, mental healthcare, or wherever else.

But there will always be that uncertainty, that fear that creeps back in, or the





by living each and every moment authentically without regrets. 

Honestly, right now I am feeling; perplexed~  That's where I'm at, again, a





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  1. Sometimes angst has a way of pushing us to consider different ways and means. That frustration doesn't help with sleep, rest, or a sense of peace but its one hell of force, one that demands we acknowledge that some type change has to come.

    Good Luck!