Tuesday, March 16, 2010

For the last two weeks I have been under some anti histamine medications that are making me super drowsy and totally woozie~ I've had this annoying rash; it started out as a little patch, then it just started to accelerate and now it is a full force bacteria in petri dish kind of deal all over my body!!! So I am putting on this lotion every day which makes me into a sticky goopy mess, on top of which since I can not wear any deodorant I won't even go there... I am not feeling all myself lately and am in a floaty cloudy place. There are a few things that I have discovered; I need to get my creativity out some how don't I?! Nail polish colours are beautiful I realized. And I have gotten a few that I want to share with everyone! But how do I put up pictures on blogs? I am so backwards; I like snail mail!

CND Poppy Field

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