Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Restless night with hot milk

Today I was able to take some photos of what I have been doing recently on the art front.  So they are as follows:

So recently I have been into the whole darks with gold look, especially navy...hmmm

Actual color much deeper more like below but hardly.

This is just something fun; I had sunflowers on my mind.  

So, I am still in the middle of these pieces, as well as others, but I feel drained lately and the colors and images are not coming to me as I would like so I am letting things BE.  It will come to me.  

I am also quite busy getting ready to go visit L.A. for a little 7 day stop, and then on wards to Tokyo for my Grandmother's first year memorial, as well as taking some much deserved time off with family for three weeks (while in Japan I'll be in Tokyo mainly but will be going to Kyoto, the hot springs somewhere in the mountains, Karuizawa, etc.).  This is the first time my boyfriend will be visiting Japan so it will be interesting to see how he thinks and feels about the culture.  Everything will come back to me once I'm there.  

Poor Clover, she'll be with a dog sitter for a month!  She is my little bundle of dark brindled Cairn Terrier cheer. 

Strangely enough right before the trip I have not been feeling to hot... far from it!  Uggh, I don't know what where when how why, this is the freakin worst time for this, and at 28, "why now god why now?"; acne on my face, more like crack-ne as its as if my acne is on crack!!!  What the #$%*???!!!  This is so frustrating and doesn't help my depression or anxiety what so ever.  GRRRRRR!!!  Great first impressions going to LA, huh!?  blah.  I wanted to enjoy the pool at my parent's condo but I guess not..... I feel out of control and I HATE that (although nothing is really under anyones control, ya know...but I'm just sayin).  

So no wonder I am not sleeping well; I've got lots in my head and heart.  Many things lurk in those deep dark waters of my soul; self awareness, being prepared, being (trying) grounded, deal with what comes, gain solutions and go with the flow.

I really should go to sleep.  Goodnight.