Thursday, March 22, 2012

Inaugural Solo Art Exhibit and Opening: BEING: April 5, Downtown Toronto.

The date is getting close to my solo exhibit and opening!  All details can be viewed here:

Things are getting crazy busy as it gets closer to the date, that's just the way it works.  Reminds me of dress rehearsals before a ballet performance, everything is crazy, needs fixing, tweaking, and doing.  The show must go on.


With press releases and media kits sent off this week, post cards and many envelopes written and licked, lists of art pieces, finishing touches, doing the foot work to get the post cards and posters out around the city, going through all the aspects in my mind over and over again, knowing I still need to film a video, wire, get fine art prints... 
I look like hell, my tongue is parched with after tastes of envelope glue, my fingers are numb, lists overflowing out of my ears, feet never fast enough, cuts and scrapes, brain operating at maximum, butterflies in my stomach with anticipation/nerves/so much to think about.  
Who the heck decided to be a part of the art on the opening evening wearing a latex outfit?  Me.  Who needs shoes to go with the outfit?  Me.  Forget hair and make up, when will I have the time to shave or paint my toe nails?  I have no clue!  Maybe I will turn up bare  footed, who knows?  The situations I place myself... but I believe in what I do, represent, and am, love learning every step of the way, working with capable and genuine individuals, sharing my story with others, experiencing a life full of depth and meaning, with purpose and passion. So all the above business is all worthwhile and is never too much to handle/all taken in perspective.

I am doing what I love, it is honest and it is right.  As I sit here to take a breather writing this blog I am extremely grateful, satisfied and proud.  

I've got a goofy streak, and laughter essential, so we'll just go on this journey together.

Thank you for reading and I will keep you updated:)  




Sunday, March 11, 2012

Puzzle Project with Magokoro Net for Japan Disaster Relief Effort

These are the puzzle pieces I created for the Puzzle Project that started in NYC and toured around Osaka Japan.  Most recently they have been working together with Tono Magokoro Net to help with the funds for the earthquake and tsunami relief effort.  
More about the Puzzle Project here:
More about the Tono Magokoro Net non-profit organization:

Nomadic Ojizo
Acrylic paint, transfers, paper, hemp
This piece was about connections, and an interwoven concept of relations without boundaries, or discrimination.  Freedom to weave cultures, perspectives, and people together with understanding and acceptance.

Ojizo In Unison
Acrylic paint, transfers, collage, paper, glass
For this piece I tried to cater towards the children with images of animals, Batman, and simple words that they may be able to relate to or feel encouragement in times of need.

Disco Ojizo
Acrylic paint, transfers, collage, mirror
I tried to portray the Ojizo through negative space, with mirrors to create an illusion through reflection. In completion I realized the mirrored surface created a reflection of self, and surrounding occurrences, as well as bringing different facets and angles of light to brighten and shimmer around the room.  I love the look of light reflecting off mirrored surfaces and creating prismatic effects, I used to decorate my interiors with this in mind and it lifted my spirits.  

Ojizo-sama are Japanese divinities or symbols of guardian and protection, in particular children and travelers; they can be found in the most remote places and all around Japan.  Although they are usually made of stone they seem to have a life and soul of their own.  Each one is totally unique and have different expressions, gestures, or postures.  People usually make hats, scarves, bibs, etc to keep them warm and show their respect, also leaving flowers, and food.  

Unlike the huge golden statues of Buddah or Kannon-sama in temples that signify the upper echelons and elite society, the Ojizo-sama are modest and represent the commoners in communities; providing them with protection and faith.  

Being born in Japan I have grown up seeing these Ojizo-sama everywhere and have always been drawn to them.  Last year I visited Japan right before the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe happened, and throughout the trip I had recorded sketches of Ojizo-sama which I encountered in Ofunato, Sendai, Iwate, Shirokawa-go, Kyoto, and Tokyo.  Past blogs about the trip if you are interested:

 This image has been on my desktop since last year!  That says quite a lot as a Gemini who likes to change it up often.

I don't like to dwell on the negative past, I like to acknowledge whatever has happened, learn from them, and progress forwards.  I have a distaste for long, dragged out victim roles some place themselves, it is unhealthy (although I understand how and why it can originate and prolong).  I empathize and care but stay clear of getting sucked into negative cycles.  I try to encourage and empower, support and help in what ways I can.    
The will to survive
The strength to endure
The courage to face the truth

Breathe for peace of mind, embrace the gift of life, and be.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, it truly means a lot to me.  Please be well and to stay up dated you can subscribe and you will be notified through e-mail.  



Thursday, March 1, 2012

I strongly believe in this.

I just scanned a part in Ayn Rand's book Atlas Shrugged; it spoke to me when I read it and have gone back to it many times there after. 

Part II, Chapter IV, pages 489 and 490 

Yes, I underline and make notes on my books as I read, even the enjoyable reads, so please excuse the scribbly bits.

I believe this whole heartedly, but this day and age, is it possible?  Do relationships like this exist often?  Can it exist?  

Just wondering and wanted to share,