Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I am organizing and planning to have a solo exhibit in February 2012.  Everything is still up in the air, I am organizing and planning everything as I speak; including location, date, time, new art pieces, website update, PR that goes with putting on a show, and oh my gosh, I ask myself what have I gotten myself into!  But this is how things go~  One thing at a time, I will make progress.  Through all of this I will be creating 5 new pieces, maybe 6 depending on time constraints.  A few will be installation pieces.  

I have been in touch with a fashion designer in the Netherlands who will be designing a one of a kind outfit for my opening night.  I will disclose details closer to the time.

Putting this info out there makes things official and there is still much work that needs to be done.  I've never done this before so I am in new territory but I believe it is a healthy challenge which is achievable.  There will always be glitches but please bare with me as this is my first time putting on a solo show.  

Right now I need to get back to sculpting, power sawing, soldering, and painting, not to mention having to find a venue, date, ads, and the 'not so fun' aspect of making this happen, so I will keep you closely updated and in the know:)  

Thank you so much for supporting and wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Art piece from hell.

This is just my luck, omg, I am working on a piece from hell at the moment which needs much improvisation.  Improv is no problem for me, I even formally took class after class for improv for classical ballet, but this is a bit different... frustrating piece of ____ (insert preferred word here).  

Here is my predicament; first I used masking tape and I was a bit too thorough with the GAC 500 to get clean edges and took forever lifting the masking.  Oh my fingertips... uggh.  That's fine these things happen, and I got very clean edges so I am happy with that.  

Then for reasons foreign to my brain I choose to use mosaic glass tiles which need splitting with hammer, into squares, little squares... do I decide to use this sparingly, NO, I end up having to do some MATH, and from my calculation I need 16 more BOXES of these little glass suckers!  There are approx. 180 in each box, I need 2976 tiny squares!!!

To complicate matters I decide to place them onto my canvas in a cross hatch patterns, one at a time (paint picture in head of me sitting on an old tub of gesso, well sometimes leaning or laying on my stomach on the tub so I am a few inches off the surface of my canvas).  NOT COMFORTABLE!  NECK PROBLEMS?  YES!  

I also bought these tiles a while back and needing more of the same tiles I find out they are no longer in stock... where do these tiles originate?  Some place called Monheim, GERMANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????  Just grrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaaatttttttttttt......................

Excuse my bitching but why didn't I choose to use little stick on tiles or macaronis or I don't know, anything but these freakin glass tiles!?  

This is going to take a while.