Monday, April 16, 2012

Video footage of solo exhibit, and my experience with mental illness.

Solo art exhibit footage

For the exhibit I raised awareness for children's mental illness with Hincks-Dellcrest Center, and below are a few words about my personal experience.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy:)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

BEING: Inaugural Solo Art Exhibit, artist Marie Tomeoki was a huge success!

The evening of April 5th was the opening event for my inaugural solo art exhibit.  I was very pleased to see the end result after months of planning for the event; the hard work paid off, and I could not believe the number of people who attended and showed up.  
I will be posting details on the event and aspects of putting on a solo exhibit as I recuperate and start posting regularly again.  For now I wanted to share some pictures taken by Oink & Coo Photography.

So many people came to show support and see my work.

I love it when people go closer to do a second take, then see all the details and layers.

A speech and special mentions.

Everyone from babies, teenagers, to seniors came to enjoy the event.

Carl and Michelle, thank you for the amazing space.

Many pieces were sold throughout the evening.

Even the Consulate General of Japan and his wife came to see the show.

DJ Flohback provided amazing music, perfect for the exhibit opening event.

Didn't have any trouble with security.

Warm, inviting vibe, full of great people.

Fascinating individuals and those I would love to speak to further like Ted Goossen and his wife.

The outfit added an extra dimension and created lots of buzz.  Thank you ArditaFFashions.

A great milestone and start of new adventures to come.  Thank you so much for everyone who came and showed support.  I am so grateful and appreciative of those who were always there and helped me along the way (I can not express this enough).

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

Kindest Regards,

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pre Inaugural Solo Exhibit Buzz.

Hincks-Dellcrest Center Newsletter:

Workman Arts Blog:

TORJA: Toronto/Japan Glossy Magazine, April, Vol. 9, page 66
Article about me and my art work:

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Still have many things to do before Thursday: finally, showcasing my work the way I've always envisioned and wanted.  This is only the beginning and after the show I have two commissions to complete, and new projects to brainstorm, organize, create, and make happen (one with Japanese hand made paper like tulle, the other is something to do with dance).  So exciting!  But maybe a bit of down time is necessary to refill the well of sleep, days off, and energy.  

One step at a time, this is a major milestone in my life; a good thing, for me, in Toronto!?  Wow.  My view of Toronto since I arrived in 2001 was ERs, hospitals, psychiatric units, pediatric wards (at the start), out patient programs, inpatient treatment, groups, therapy, therapy and more therapy, also can't forget the countless pharmacies and meds.  Then break ups, many losses, little brother concerns, crappy landlords, floods, and over 10 moves just within Toronto alone!

I've come a long way, I am happy to BE, here, right now:)
Big Hugs,