Saturday, November 17, 2018

Dear XY

There is a lot of male-bashing in the world, but the fact is men are struggling to cope with life too, as reflected by research conducted by CALM (the Campaign Against Living Miserably); there is "A Crisis of Masculinity".  CALM is an award-winning charity dedicated to preventing male suicide: 



I can already hear the sighs of some feminists and women, and I am not dismissing their case and hear them clearly.  I am no foreigner to their thoughts, but I am also critically knowledgeable, often deconstructing and analyzing the social construction of gender, its history, and the psychological and social implications on the individual as well as the systemic dimensions.  This is also coming from a cisgender female perspective.  I acknowledge and do truly celebrate LGBTQ2.  But I'm not here to write some research paper or argue with anyone. I just want to state a candid, honest and genuine truth of how I feel about men.

I love the way men smell, after a shower, a workout, or an evening out, it makes me want to nuzzle in even closer.  
They have these large and thick man spades, that when they take your hand in theirs, it feels so reassuring, warm, and strong.  
I can't get enough of that feeling of resting my head against their strong beating heart.  Somehow my head fits perfectly on their chest.  
I love that men are physically stronger than me, taller and can squish me in their arms if they wanted to, but they don't, holding you with care and gentleness.  
They know how to touch you in just the right places and ways to give you goosebumps, giggles, and mmmm (although sometimes they need a guiding hand). 
They are so hairy and rough, I totally dig it.  
They act as radiators when its cold, hehe sorry for my icy feet in bed. 
When I'm attracted to them they give me butterflies and it drives me crazy that it's difficult to be composed in their presence; can't help that I turn red, become super cerebral or I don't know ~ odd. 
I feel so protected and safe in those arms and especially walking in the evenings downtown.  
Chivalry is not dead, and it warms my heart when they are such gentlemen.  
It's so sexy, and such a turn on to see a man in his element, focused and doing his thing, they are so capable in different ways than me. 
They save the day and are heroes by getting rid of the spider in the room, or when they offer to carry the groceries and make it look so light and effortless.  
The way they speak of and treasure their moms is so sweet and beautiful.  
I can't help but smile fondly when you are unashamedly yourself.
I love that they come across as so tough and in charge exteriorly but on the inside, so sensitive and probably more easily scared and hurt than they let on.  
They have a capacity of the heart and pure dedication that ceases to amaze.
You don't always have to be so composed as social pressures have conditioned you to be since you were little - its okay, and will be okay, no judgments here.  

I can't tell you how much I appreciate and value the good men in my life.  I have so much respect for you.  I feel extremely grateful in their presence.

We need each other.  I'd like to be there to reciprocate and give as much as I can, explore new perspectives and be with/for the love of my life. I miss it.    

With all my heart,