Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life is full of trials and errors, experimentation, figuring it out.

My whole life has been riddled with trial and errors, taking risks, overcoming challenges, and experimentation.  This being said I shall present you with my most recent experience: the new youtube channel.

This is how I am feeling about it... HAHAHAHA~
That's just classic!  Yes I make a fool out of myself every day, these are the things that make life colorful.

As I was setting up my new youtube channel and doing some research into its competition, creating a filming schedule, and putting my hard work into all that I do, it hit me: 
This is taking too much time away from being in the studio making art!!!  
So I looked over my brainstorming session which I do in my drawing journal as well as, sifting thoughts, questioning my own decision, and taking a closer look at my main youtube channel, I realized, that it is in fact quite okay the way it is and represents me accurately enough, and that it is not in my best interest to create another 'fashion' channel: reasoning:
1) There are already so many out there.
2) In a society obsessed with youth there isn't much longevity in me at 30 sharing myself in the fashions and styles.  
3) Whatever that would be in the new channel can already be represented on the main channel, yes it may not have a 'niche' or 'narrow focus' but that's okay as I am not one dimensional and I like to keep it interesting as I am.  
4) On a gut level, the channel just wasn't me.  
5) I know that some topics are clashing and are mutually exclusive in society, but that's okay as I will create my own unique culture anyways!  
6) My universal truths will always stand strong and sometimes this may include topics that may not like sitting next to each other, but as in elementary school we learn to deal and adapt; so too shall this channel and whomever comes in contact.

So, I have taken down the new channel and decided to spend more time on the channel that already exists; full of dynamic unique multi-dimension.    

Life is full of trials and errors, I love experimenting and finding out for myself that sticking a finger in a crabs face, I will be pinched, or burnt by coral, stung by jelly fish, bitten by squirrel, foot will hurt being run over by Jeep Grand Cherokee, and that a pizza box as a hat doesn't suit me...  I learn, adjust, and keep moving forward.  

I am full of mistakes made, thank you for being understanding and continuing to follow me through the journey, I am grateful everyday that I am human:)

I truly appreciate good hearted individuals, friends, and supports.  Thank you for being!  


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Youtube channel direction, solution to public interest dilemma, and recent video.

This video is a bit delayed in that I have already completed the talks at Sheena's Place here in Toronto but I wanted to share with everyone the direction I am hoping to take my Youtube channel(s!).  

I have been uploading various kinds of videos on my youtube channel: for over a year, this provided me with a foundation of 'market research' or more simply what my viewers want, what is popular, what didn't fare so well, getting a feel for my audience, etc.  

A few dilemmas (realities) I faced: 
#1- I know what interests me, the topics I appreciate being shared and discussed about but I really had no clue what the 'unknown' world wide public were looking for.  
#2- I make art, I am an advocate for mental illness and mental health awareness, I love other things too, I am human.
#3- In society today to create a brand you need a 'niche' interest to 'narrow' your target, and to keep doing it consistently... the last part I'm okay with, but knowing myself with an extraordinary amount of interest, fascination, curiosity for things in the world, also being a complete Gemini, to narrow or even remotely focus my energy on only one thing is almost impossible.  I mean, we are ultimately made up of many sides and dimensions as individuals.  
#4- Trying to come to terms with "sex sells".  
#5- Art and sex, art and mental illness, art with probably anything, goes, they can work, BUT, sex and mental illness, sex and children's mental health awareness, fashion and eating disorder awareness, are not necessarily mutually exclusive but harder to mix (metaphor; not like oil and water, but more like a thick goop that comes out of a Campbell soup can in which water or milk needs to be mixed, slowly with care eventually it 'may' work).
#6- Within me it all works out, creating a broadminded and unique individual, but society is not for me to control, and everyone has their own comfort levels and perceptions of various aspects.  I can not predict much when it comes to others especially when I don't know them personally. 
#7- I need to sustain my art practice= to keep doing what I truly believe in and am passionate about, I need supplies, and for that I need currency, $!  Each piece I work on takes time to create, I am no Andy Warhol, they are one of a kind.  (Although those prints are coming).  
#8- I do not want to offend anyone, I would like to create awareness, I need to share my story, I need to follow my heart and be true to myself, it has to be fair, and a positive experience for those who follow me and/or my youtube channel.

My solution: 
Yesterday I decided to create a new channel specifically for my interests in fashion, style, things that challenge stereotypes, breaks boundaries, taboo topics, tastefully sexy firecracker qualities, and material things!  'GASP!' Hahaha~  

We shall see, in what direction we will journey:)  

Video before Sheena's Place talks, about eating disorders; how art and creativity can help in the process of recovery.  
Link if video doesn't work:

Thank you for your time, I hope everyone is well.  Have a wonderful weekend!!! 


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Huge article; inaugural solo art exhibit collaboration with Netherlands fashion designer.

Major article written about my inaugural solo art exhibit collaboration with Netherlands fashion designer Ardita read it here:

At my inaugural solo art exhibit opening wearing the outfit.

With professor Ted Goossen and his wife.
Over 150 people came to enjoy the evening.
Even the Consulate General of Japan and his wife came to check out the event, as well as many other corporate executives, individuals in the medical field, teachers from private schools, professors, photographers, art directors, graphic designers, lawyers, interested high school kids, university students, mental health professionals, artists from all fields, fashion aficionados, families and many more.

The evening was a night to remember with such an exciting vibe and friendly spirit, with catering that was delicious to free flowing alcoholic beverages, and DJ spinning music that fit the Japanese undertones in my art.  Also it raised awareness and supported an important cause with Hincks-Dellcrest for children's mental illness and health.  

All while wearing this beautiful one of a kind latex outfit created especially for this occasion! 

Thank you so much for all the support!!!

Love and Hugs,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Guest Speaker at Sheena's Place: Hope and Recovery series, using creativity for eating disorder recovery.

Guest Speaker: Hope and Recovery series 

Sheena's Place

June 2012 – June 2012 (1 month) 87 Spadina Road, Toronto, Ontario

I will be a guest speaker at Sheena's Place on June 13th 2012: the series of talks in the Hope and Recovery program.

Using creativity and art as a coping strategy and tool, to help and guide recovery for those afflicted with anorexia and bulimia.

Page 6 on the brochure: