Monday, December 29, 2014

Gut Instinct in the New Year

How many of us are going about our days without awareness or connection to our ultimate truth?  What then to follow when our gut contradicts truths in reality? Is our ultimate truth, the same as gut instinct?  I believe it is a balance of all factors taken into consideration; it doesn't make it any simpler, but a necessity whilst making major life decisions.

get in there!!!  
I don't know why but this piece by Lucio Fontana hit home.
My gut instinct, accurate as a sharp shooter, (spot on!), has faltered less than that can be counted on one hand; but HAS faltered.  Probability is low, but I am always cautious, as I need empirical evidence, proof, results that back up notions not ground on "solid foundations".  

How much of our gut instinct is trustworthy? Are you loyal to your gut intuition?

A favourite of mine.  
SOLITUDE, 1890, Oil on Canvas
Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904)

The year is coming to an end; another NEW BEGINNING!!!  This year has been one in which I felt I LIVED a good fight, adventuring and discovering crevices and unknown territories.  With such exploration comes self doubt, insecurity, more challenges, and pushing the boundaries of who I thought I was and knew.  I am consistently surprised with my own capacity for growth and unyielding hope and belief in this process called life. Grateful for every moment I am alive, exuberant re: Being; the promise I made myself many years ago, unwavering, I will keep pushing for better, for the best, quality over quantity, coming from a place of love/care/compassion, pure honesty of heart and soul, the ultimate life experience.

ok, these two are actually not as fitting as they are of states of anxiety, and not the happiest of times for the artist: details from 
THE SUICIDE OF MR. H., 1961, Oil on canvas
Asher Jorn (1914-1973)

maybe her expression is more fitting, although her state of euphoria comes across as a bit creepy to me... or is that just me?
This is my truth, my life; I hope to be able to uniquely touch every encounter and share in this journey we call life.

Following my gut; I shall stay in Tokyo for the time being, something is keeping me here and I'd like to see it through.  I begin a new position after I return from my holidays in Detroit with family.  Time here has been one of deep contemplation, reflection, and acknowledgement. The day I cease to learn and grow will be the day I pass on.

Never give up.  Believe in love.  Look after your health and well being.  Live completely and fully without regrets. I trust in myself to follow suit.  

Wishing everyone an exuberant New 2015 Year!