Monday, June 13, 2011


I have taken a few images of the texture in my pieces and how I incorporate paper into my paintings.  They are photos I took casually so they are not the best quality but I think they capture a little more detail of the three dimensional surface.  

This is a piece I only recently started...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Progress, the next step, am proceeding.

I have not written in a long while and I am sorry for keeping you in the dark.  I was in L.A. for three weeks, and happened to go up to SF for two days; my best friend from 1st grade lives there as a wonderful singer/song writer.  What an experience; oxygenated ocean breeze everyday in Marina Del Rey, sunshine, warmth, the ocean, palm trees, great sleep, meeting the most amazing people, going to gallery openings, events, gaining knowledge, learning, and taking it all in.  I enjoyed every second of it.  

In Toronto I have been trying to keep the feelings and sensations I got in LA alive and strong; the weather not so much, neither sleep nor fresh ocean air, but my confidence and self esteem, the way I feel about meeting new people and going to events, and facing the unknowns, I am actually enjoying.  Surprising for someone who had such social anxiety at one point didn't leave the apartment unit for a month!!!  With making positive healthy choices and decisions, hard work, discipline, determination, hopes and dreams anything is possible; so never ever give up as I can say from experience it is all worth the hardships and stresses that naturally occur in life.  So what now?  I have been going to galleries and gallery openings, talking and meeting people, watching, listening, sensing, taking it all in for me to reflect upon it once at home in my own time.  

Fortunately the stamp design which I didn't win the competition for will still be a part of the design on the front of the stamp booklet.  I have not yet got word from Canada Post when those will be out.

June 16th from 12pm-4pm  CAMH Community Mall 1001 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ontario
I will be displaying my works at CAMH (center for addictions and mental health); Salon Des Refuses Art Show and Sale.  I will be there:)

June 16th from 5:30pm-7:30pm (yes the same day)  Sheena's Place 87 Spadina Rd. Toronto, Ontario.  My works will be on show; Sheena's Place Expressive Arts Show.  I will be attending the opening here too:)

I am also working on two commission pieces at the moment for a client in LA, as well as all the other pieces I am always working on:)  Recently I have been focusing on creating textures with Japanese Unryu paper on canvases, this creates a fabric like affect and it is being incorporated into the acrylic painted layers.  

42in x 42in 
I will post more images of examples of how I manipulate and incorporate paper into my work tomorrow as it is 1am right now, my sleepy meds are starting to kick in, and will probably start not making any sense in ten more minutes!  

Be excited about life and the opportunities it has to offer; if you allow it, the universe will work in your favor.  Be open to possibilities, I believe in you!!!  

Love Always,