Wednesday, September 26, 2012

INTENTIONS vs. PERCEPTIONS: challenging objectification of individuals in society.

This week started off with a serious hack/spam that threw off my Yahoo Mail account, and as I was trying to fix this problem Yahoo Mail suggested I upgrade, I did and it wiped everything off of my account including contacts/folders/messages/etc.  

This is now fixed, although I did have a few words to say about it; which I have expressed in a video prior to the Intentions vs. Perceptions.  It includes phrases like 'big sacks of cow sh...manure' 'fart-face!' and the like... if you are interested in seeing that I will put it below the actual video I am now posting.  

My Youtube Channel: BeingMarieT
-I started sharing this new material; latex as a fascinating textural medium from an artist perspective.  Also to bring awareness to the stereotypes and judgement placed upon it.  I thought it would be a great platform to challenge differences, preconceived notions, and views.  To be an example that anyone can wear latex, not linked to taboos, and of dark mysterious underground worlds.
-I don't go with the flock/herd/group/whatever you want to call it, I break boundaries and lead by example, try things my way, and see how it goes.
-Those were my intentions; but that which started out as the above has began evolving into this public perception/trend/brand that is a different animal in and of itself which I am not happy with.  
-Seeing the interaction and comments I've realized that what I have tried so hard to challenge; over objectification of people, image based society, false advertisement, photoshopped air brushed perfection representation of what one 'should' be, and its effect on youth and individuals, the consequences of materialism, surface focused, over sexualized everything----> I have become my own research subject, so to speak.  
-Someone who has personal experience with eating disorders, I can say for certain this is not what I set out to represent or do, I am not and do not support surface shallow instant gratification or present myself due to 'looks' 'image' or 'numbers'.  
-There is a difference between feeling 'sexy' and something being 'sexual'; I believe this gets mixed up A LOT.  Latex is not sexual in any way or form to me, there is no arousal as others may experience.  I do feel sexy when I do wear it, as I would when I decide to wear a pair of well fitting comfortable jeans!
-What am I doing? I am trying to refocus, my Youtube channel so I can have it the way I intended to, with the possibility of making a difference (even one viewer at a time).  NOT have useless comments about things based on careless image of assumption, being taken as a sexual object.  Thank you, if you think I look good in latex but it is never about the 'looks' people (to you maybe, but NOT TO ME).    
-Also to connect to the Japanese population I have began doing mental health videos in Japanese.

So here is the video: 
INTENTIONS vs. PERCEPTIONS: challenging objectification of individuals in society.  

This is the video I made right before this expressing my feelings on being hacked/spammed then deleted by Yahoo Mail, appropriately titled:

Multi tasking can be a pain in the butt as many times unexpected things arise, but oh well, find solution, fix problem, keep on moving forwards:)  

Thank you,

Monday, September 24, 2012


I am so sorry for all the trouble, but I have been spammed and hacked into my Yahoo Mail account this morning, and I have lost all data in my email account including e-mails, contact list, drafts, and all information.  

This truly drives me mad as it is such a pain, and makes my stomach drop. 

I truly apologize for any inconvenience!


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update: Project NIHON MUKASHIBANASHI/JAPANESE FABLES, Japan Mental Health/Illness/Stigma Awareness Movement

Long time no UPDATE!  I have not fallen off the face of the planet, I'm focusing my energy on many things at the moment, and my brain is working over time.


Here is what I have been up to:
-Doing extensive research and studying about the world of mental health/illness systems in Japan.
-Compiling a list of things I need to do in order to materialize my idea and movement.
-Working on art for this project which will become a conduit for discussion and beginning of movement.
-Trying to do videos on my Youtube channel in Japanese.
-Writing out project proposal and vision.
-Preparing myself for things to come.  

The project in rough:
日本昔話:Traditional Japanese Folk Tales
Creating contemporary works of art based on Japanese folk tales.  Re-conceptualizing the traditional stories into that which relate to modern societal issues, especially mental health/illness awareness and trying to decrease stigma associated.  
Japan today has one of the highest suicide rates of all modernized countries.  More than 660 suicides happen every single week, that is 94 persons per day (based on numbers in 2003, and those in the year alone increased by 7%).  It is 2012, and some major things have happened in Japan since then like the tsunami/nuclear plant disaster (as one example).  Japan is going through a major social and economic upheaval which is affecting every individual to the core.  
The government, major corporations, education system, bureaucracy, older cultural ways are just some of the main issues that are contributing to the continuation and increase in social disturbances, unhappiness, lack of hope, high rates of mental illnesses and suicides.  
To me it is a clear SOCIAL EMERGENCY!  It is evident but not many are stepping up, and even if they do there is always the reluctance and opposition to change from significant influential players, therefore not much movement.  
I believe the art will be the starting point opening up discussion, sharing and creating awareness.  
I've got my life's work cut out for me; things like this can not be precisely planned or charted, but I'm determined and committed for the long adventure and journey.


(note: I also had a great idea for a start up, in the medical field, as I thought this could possibly give increased funds to this movement as well as help the public population here in North America, but after lengthy research and thought I needed to decide what is/was of more importance and emergence.  I also believe there are efforts already in the works on a national scale for data/government/medical/professional fields (not necessarily user friendly or for public access).  The start up idea is something I would have found useful if it existed when I was falling through the cracks of the system while I was struggling with mental illnesses here, but again, I can not spread myself out thin; I need to do quality work with excellent results and utmost attention, in anything I strive towards.)

I also have a few things I would like to say about the direction of my Youtube videos, but that will come shortly.

Thank you so much for reading, and for your patience:)

Have a wonderful autumn,