Sunday, August 25, 2013


I am going to begin using this blog again as; 1. I will be taking some time off from making art full time, 2. the blog on my main website gets a ton of spam (despite all the anti-spam aspects utilized), 3. my life will probably be more diversified with things outside of only art and mental health.

Other major news; I am moving to Tokyo, Japan in September.  I was just there a month back as I was offered a job and needed to investigate further in person and attend an interview.  I got the job and have organized and scheduled everything to move to Tokyo within a month.  I will do a detailed post on MOVING TO TOKYO; things that maybe helpful to other who are curious or thinking of doing similarly.

What's the job?  I will still be in the contemporary art field, but just on the other side of the canvas so to speak...

I will be personal assistant to owner and dealer of Tokyo's largest collection of Warhol's and Basquiats (amongst various other contemporary artists' works), Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, hired under the owner's company who also oversee other businesses.

I still have yet to upload updates on my main website but until I have some time to sit down and do so, this will have to suffice.  

This is a major transition for me, and one that I put A LOT of thought into; moving overseas is never a simple process, full of logistics, stresses, restrictions, and hurdles, but on the upside new experiences, challenges, exciting self evolution, making for an exciting life:)  It will definitely be an adjustment, but once I get into the routine and adapt to new surroundings and LEARN (all a learning experience), I am sure I will settle in fine, although I believe I will be traveling very often to art fairs and related business all over the world.  

So if you are interested in hearing more and staying up to date on all the details please do subscribe to my blog: we'll keep in touch and I can actually respond to my readers! (Wordpress needs to work on their blog anti-spam software, or however that all works...)

Other than that if you have any questions or just want to contact me you can find me here: 

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