Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Butter London Nail Varnish

I have tried the Butter of London brand of nail polish and I did not like them at all.  I tried them with base coat, top coat, every which way possible but the color was streaky, didn't last, and overall a pain in the butt.  I tried the colors Swinger and Billy No Mates.


  1. Hello Marie,

    I'm so sorry you had a poor experience with our lacquers. The shades you mentioned have both been discontinued for many months, and were only ever available in our original packaging. I'm sorry to say, you probably have not seen our best face! Our products now come in bottles with easily removable overcaps, and longer inner wands for better painting. I feel certain that if you give us another try with new product, your opinion will change!
    Best wishes,
    Nonie Creme
    Founding Creative Director
    butter LONDON

  2. OMG, I just saw this comment, I am so sorry I didn't respond! I have been doing more Youtube reviews lately of things other than art, like nail polishes and fashion, etc. My channel is www.youtube.com/user/BeingMarieT so please check it out, and maybe I can do a Butter London review of the newer polishes!!!
    If you get this thank you, and I will try to contact you through Butter London website.
    Kind Regards,