Monday, May 3, 2010

What Constitutes a QUICKIE?

This question just popped up in my head; what is a quickie?  

Granted all of our perceptions varied, personal, and different it still made me ponder the criteria for a 'quickie'.  I am not one to believe in criteria, or labels, ticking off boxes, or the 'should be's' and 'have to's' of the world, etc but I am just plain curious.  

Quickie in my mind is to have a quick shag/sex/fuck/excuse the French but put your word of choice here.  You just wanna get it on, and bang.  Tired, no time, kids, boredom, whatever it is the reason it is a fast one.  Well, I guess that would work out for the male as it is rather easier to 'up and go' so to speak, but how about for the females out there?  I guess some get off on the sheer naughtiness of it or maybe you can't resist the guy, etc but will you ultimately be satisfied in the end or will you be left horny and antsy the rest of the day?  Hmmm.  

So how long is a quickie usually?  Guys usually get their business done, so how about the gals?  Can/will the girl be satisfied or have an orgasm, or is this for another time when there is more time with all the lavishings of foreplay and the works?  So my question to you today is how does a quickie work for you?  

Oh by the way my thoughts on quickies?  I think it's hot spontaneous fun instantaneous of the moment sexy and playful.  Will I be left unsatisfied; well, no I feel satisfied every time, but this doesn't mean I have an earth shattering O, LOL, every time.  Orgasm doesn't really equal satisfaction to me, yes it would be nice to reach that sort of climactic high but hey, if I can be with the one I love and get it on, be healthy, have fun, play a little, tear each other's clothes off and fuck for the sake of just fucking I believe I am satisfied!  Do I make my case!?  Hahaha.  

Ya gotta turn up the heat be naughty and wild and 'insert' some fun and play in your lives!  Yes, I may not come across as so on first impression but I love my naughty bad girl dirty little adventurous devil tail me too; if you're lucky enough to ever encounter that side of me that is, hehehe.  I think you can see it once in a while in daily life, just being me, but it takes time for me to get to know anyone for me to let my guards down.  Some mystery and secret is sex appeal; gotta keep it aflame!

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