Saturday, May 22, 2010



Sorry for the rant the other day, I felt I needed to get it out on my system.  I am going through a bit of an inner power struggle that is happening in the subconscious and I am trying to work through it and change the things that I am unhappy with and unhealthy for me.  It is hard to change something that is so deeply conditioned from when you were so little, but as always I am set on improving myself so I will do it.

I have a few things I have been thinking about; art related and I may be on to something and it might turn into something huge so I shall see.  I am still at the researching point so it will take a while especially if I am going to go forth on my own art direction and production... hmmm, may ask a few people for advice or input.  This idea is for L.A. and it will be a proposal for any investors or individuals or galleries interested.  So I shall keep on keeping on with this idea and carry on.  

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