Sunday, May 2, 2010


What a weekend... I decided to take two classes in a row on Saturday and I was very pleased with myself as I was able to get through them and felt good about it, but as I was anticipating the class as well as having someone back in the condo with me I believe I missed a few steps in my usual routine; MEDS.  Skipping meds rarely happens but when it does it hits hard; very real, vivid, emotional, and exhausting dreams, restlessness, muscle spasms, head flashes, total sleepiness, sensitivity, dizziness, and cold sweats.  So on top of the major body shock of two classes in a row, muscle aches, and the change of having someone else in the condo when I have been on my own for the last month was ground shaking.  

I tend to talk in my sleep a lot, as well as snore when my sinuses kick in so it was a restless night, not to mention crying spells, emotional breakdown in my dream, and constantly waking up to catch my breath and de-thaw.  I feel completely wiped today, in a mind fog and the weather being so pressurized and unpredictable never helps, I just hope to stand ground and keep myself stable within the rocking boat.  

Yes, I feel like I have splattered on to a windshield of a car going super speed.  

I need to get out of Toronto; how long have I been saying this for?  Too long.  Opportunity will strike. 

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