Monday, May 24, 2010

I am a sewing queen!!!

This is what happens when I am hell bent on improving my sewing skills and/or just curious as to what I can create when I get my hands on some fun textiles.  

This is genuine traditional Isle of Skye Scottish quilt which I got from Scotland; gosh come to think of it, it reminds me a lot of my uniform skirt from high school...uggh, well, back to the point, my dog Clover is a pedigree Cairn Terrier and the breed originates back to the Isle of Skye, hunting the piles of rock (cairns) for vermin and other fascinating wonders!  

I decided to make her a bandana; poor pooch.  In the heat of summer all she needs is a good stripping and bath, not a damn woolen scarf bandana thing!  

So as boring as this may be and as crazy as you all may think I am I have documented the process... biggest DORK!  yes... complete geekoid...  AND I have no sewing machine so it's all done by hand:)  My mom would be proud, oh and maybe that class in seventh grade in Indiana did help some with sewing skills; I think the name of the teacher was Mrs. Hornbacker, home-ec teacher.  

Two pieces of fabric inside out.  Hem edges so the fabric wont unravel.  Sew them together.  Create beveled edge so it reduces bulk for later step taken.  

Stick some nice graphics on there, remember that everything needs to be done inside out so none of the seems will show.

Keep small hole open so you can flip the thing inside out.

Flipped out the right way.  Clover graphic on corner; yes I did that by hand too, every freakin' thread!

This is the little obsidian heart stone bead side...........

You will need the iron.  You will iron your head off, since you need to do all the seams, edges, everything.

This is the end result; the side with Clover graphic, I didn't bother taking the other side.  LOL.

Clover did not appreciate my intricate workmanship.  Sigh.....  Maybe in the winter she will change her mind.

I am sick of tartan, next creative project?

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