Monday, May 31, 2010

Few random facts about me.

My favorite color is the spectrum of blue pigments.
I love music that moves my soul.
My music is usually cranked up high while I paint.
For me the painting is more about movement and body.
I love to dance.
I can not live without the feeling of being 'in the zone' or feeling totally free while I am creating.
I speak more through body language, facial expression, gestures, posture, interaction through dance, touch, senses, than actually speaking.  I like to express myself through music too.
I am as compassionate as they come.
Passionate as they come.
Determined as hell and ambitious.
Superficial 'stuff' is exactly that; things, junk, stuff.  
I loath materialism and superficiality.
I am of values morals and honesty.
I am hypersensitive to everything.
I am very interpersonal.
I constantly analyze myself and how I relate to the world and people around me.
I love honest people who communicate their thoughts and feelings.
I hate bullshit.
Users, fakers, liars, players, cold hearted mean people can stay in their sad pathetic world.
I am forgiving.
I am a person for giving chances.
I am more tolerating than humanly possible.
Patient, yes, but there is always a limit.
I am independent.
I am a deep souled individual;multi faceted, multi dimensional, broad minded.
I am accepting.  
I do not judge, discriminate or allow prejudice; I have experienced too much of it in my life and I would never in my dreams treat anyone as I have been treated.  
I love wildlife.
I am a Gemini; which makes me the tinker bell, the most curious, with twinkle in her eyes, the quintessential tomboy, tough little bird, multi tasker (major), rapid fire mind/intellect, clumsy, eager to play, full on experience, hurtle head over heels into the abyss of love, neurotic, her mind becomes a whirl of every possible opinion others might have of her, needs to be stimulated mentally, picky, adventurous, she is the nerviest creature in the zodiac, etc 
a few things from the astrology book; Sextrology by Starsky and Cox.
The type of guy I like in terms of celebrity looks: Brad Pitt, T.I., Keeanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Hugh Jackman, etc.  
I floss my teeth every night, and am obsessed with oral hygiene.
I have a phobia of phone calls.  
I am arachnophobic.

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