Saturday, May 15, 2010

This painting is called RAGE, but this is a blog about something that I hate!


One thing that truly rubs me the wrong way and I know pisses me off is-----> silent guilt trip, or hints that I am not doing something to another persons liking in a very passive aggressive non communicative form, or doing and acting in ways that tell me to do what the other wants or something already expected of me, or not being straight with me and confronting me; spit the fuck out!!!  Lay it all out on the table!!!  I HATE, H-A-T-E, loath, despise passive aggressive behavior and unhealthy communication.  I have had enough of it throughout my life I will not put up with it in my adult healthy life style.  

That being said right now I am infuriated and affected, when I wish and would rather not be.  Healthy relationships are difficult.  I support positive and rational 99.9% backed by psychological studies relationship dynamics; I get it, it works and I've experienced it work first hand.  

Problem; majority of the world does not or have not been through a formal "skills" group or "assertiveness" training or specialized in psych or raised and brought up with such healthy family or relationship dynamics.  You don't go to a class in elementary school that teaches you the healthy ways of communicating and dealing with real life issues.  So I feel a lot of the time I am probably better off in a psych ward that actually teaches and makes their patients go through assertiveness group, or skills group, or self esteem encouragement and the like!   

So for backing my positive and healthy communication and relationship theories I am at the moment being totally shut down and out of this little dispute as the other person says I am out of line and totally negates, doesn't get, can not understand where I am coming from.  I believe it is not that hard to follow!!!  Common sense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH, this drives me mad, every time, this person just DOES NOT GET IT!!!  Then there is always the response; that is so unfair M, or what are you talking about, or I haven't done anything intentionally.... well, duh, I wish you would do things more intentionally so I wont be so f-ing so frustrated and feeling like I'm going mad.  This is called a PASSIVE aggressive behavior, silent guilt treatment, OF COURSE it is unintentional!!!  

I have had enough of this, I am so pissed and tired of going through over and over again and in different ways and times uggg, I NEED!!! a HEALTHY POSITIVE RATIONAL ASSERTIVE PRO-COMMUNICATION RELATIONSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can not stress this enough!  

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