Friday, April 23, 2010


Okay, I was able to get a shot of Clover while she was sleeping today!!!  It is extremely hard to get photos of her when she is just relaxing as she is so hyper aware and sensitive, tuned into everything.  

She is a pure bred champion pedigree  5 year old  Cairn Terrier, from a very reputable breeder in Ontario Canada.

She is such a character, and chose me when I visited the breeder, she is just so funny, her little quirks.  She is actually much like me.  

Being a terrier she is very alert, intelligent, wagging tail happy and full of energy.  When you allow a cairn into your life you never go back, I've had cairns all my life as have my mom's side of the family when she was growing up.  

But Clover is my little treasure, bundle of joy, a sweetie at heart and can't ask for a better canine companion.

Still with Mommy and her sisters (all 6 girls!) at the breeders.

Her first few weeks home.

Clover now:)

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