Thursday, April 29, 2010


I HATE spiders!!!  Arachnophobia has a place here!!!  But I thought the little thing was worth an in depth close up.  'Tis like a miniature tarantula although I believe it is just a grown version of a jumping spider, with leg hairs, eyes, and coloring.  Since it is fuzzy and larger than the usual condo spider I feel killing it would be too cruel; right now it is just sitting under a cup in my kitchen counter top as I can not make myself move the darn thing (just the mere possibility of escape and getting out is unbearable).  This is probably one of the rare things I need a man for; spiders.  They exist and happen in the world and they are everywhere, highly adapted and evolved, amazing!  This one's eye sight must be so accurate as it faces me and follows every move I make; yes, it creeps the living day lights out of me and makes every hair on my body stand on edge but the organism deserves some credit.  I think I will take it out with me and let it go outside when I take Clover out for a walk.  But oh the thought of trying to put it in another baggie or container is making me anxious.  HooOLy CrAp!~  Although the fuzziness and its advanced capabilities (the little dudes character) may have saved his spindles this time, I still despise spiders and am highly arachnophobic so there lies no mercy!  Okay, now I got to go figure out how to transplant him to a better suited environment; outside!  

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