Friday, April 16, 2010

Laundry mess...

The other day my brother came to do his laundry at my place.  This would be fine if he would just use the darn thing with some respect!!!  

First I was looking all over for my clean clothes, which he ended up sticking back into the washing machine.  Why can't he just tell me about it when he came to put his laundry in the washing so I could have folded it got it over with.  

Next, after rewashing my already clean clothes I find the two dryer fabric softeners still in there!!!  On top of which I also find a lighter!?  So I'm sniffing mad to see if my clothes are drenched in lighter fluid or not... 

Oh, and after doing such a huge load of laundry it is normal to have lint in the filter, did he clean or remove the lint and dust in the filter?  NO!  

I am not sure if I will allow him to do his laundry at my place after this incident, what a waste of energy, money, and agro!  If he puts up a fight when I hesitate and let him know that he is not welcome to do his laundry at my place then I will have this post to show for!  I am so angry.

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