Monday, April 5, 2010


England is on my mind recently as my boyfriend's mother fell suddenly very ill and he had to be by her side.  So I am spending time with my dog and trying to get some rest.  

Recently I have not been able to be inspired to paint much as there has been so much stress in my life; it concerns me as art is my passion and my livelihood.  I have been doing some drawings but they still do not motivate me to do larger pieces.  I guess I just need to keep on going and let time heal things.

Oh well, in the mean time I have been trying to psych myself up to do videos for youtube but it is difficult.  

What is it that I need?  I am searching.  Where is the sparks that moves me?  Where has it gone?  I guess every unfortunate circumstance starts to build up, as each event happens a part of me dies within especially when there is nothing to fill it up due to more circumstances and stressful occurrences.  My creative well is dry and I need to replenish it but how where what when who?  

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